Former WWF Wrestler X-Pac Busted for Weed


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Well, I'm not surprised about X-Pac's antics anymore. Him and Chyna will do just about anything to get on TMZ, which is kinda sad because I loved them both during their run with the WWE.


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He also tweeted on his twitter page, that he got his wallet stolen (which had his ID and 1,500$ in it), and his weed was taken away, then he said "can anybody help a brother out"

What a douchebag.
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I don't think he's a douchbag, or anything for that matter. Just weed. No big deal.

Seeking attention? I dunno, I didn't find out about this story until seeing this thread.


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This isn't the first incident with X-Pac, you must read up on him, and when you do you can tell me if you still don't believe he's a douchebag. The guy has some serious issues, and he needs some help.


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Nothing surprises me about X-Pac. Him getting busted for weed is not that big of a deal, but the other crap he could be taking will definetly kill him. I with you Ruth, we will probably be posting his obituary pretty soon and that's sad. ):