Former WWE Tag Champion returning to WWE

Joey Mercury

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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury, who has also wrestled under the name Joey Matthews, is set to return to WWE according to several sources. He is probably best remembered for being part of the MNM team with John Morrison (then Johnny Nitro), managed by Melina.

Mercury, who was released by WWE in March of 2007, worked independents for a time before retiring in 2008, reportedly due to injury issues. The tentative plan is for Mercury to be part of the [COLOR=#0000FF ! important][COLOR=#0000FF ! important]Smackdown[/COLOR][/COLOR] brand, which puts him on the same show as Morrison.

First, that site sucks. Too many pop-up ads, and AdBlock Plus didn't work effectively.

Second, I'm excited. Melina, Nitro and Mercury were one of my favorite tag teams within the past decade. Heck, probably of all time. All three of them worked very well.

Third, if he does come back to SmackDown! - as the article suggest - do you think they'll have him and Morrison team up again? With WWE re-building the reputation for the tag team titles, and with Morrison pretty much jobbing the past month, I wouldn't put it pass as a flimsy 'WWE wouldn't do that' idea so fast. It seems more and more likely they'll do something with these two, possibly even a feud, or turn Mercury face and begin a tag team with his long time chap, JoMo.

Q: Would you want to see Mercury back in the WWE? If so, do you want him to have ANY relationship with John Morrison, or be on his own without ever mentioning Morrison?
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First off this is so ironic because me and my friends were talking about Mercury last ight when we were watching the Rumble.

WWE cannot put Mercury with Morrison once again, I've said it many times Morrison is the next HBK, he did the whole Tag Team thing just like HBK did with Marty now Morrison needs to make a name for himself as a single star and he's slowly climbing up the ladder.

I never like Mercury to be honest with you, so I couldn't care less that he's coming back. I wish he was sent to ECW instead.


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FYI I edited the thread title to not give away who might be coming back to the WWE. In case there's anybody out there will doesn't want to know these things until they actually happen.

Mercury back in WWE is cool with me. I dont know what they'll do with him but aligning him with Morrison would be a terrible thing for John Morrison.
Apparently, according to one of the hosts of Who's Slamming Who, Joey Mercury will be returning to join CM Punk's Straightedge Society. This would be a shoot because, apparently after going to rehab for his drug habit, Mercury adopted the Straightedge culture and even has tattoos now reflecting his commitment to his new lifestyle.

If so, another possible rumor is that Mercury would be teaming with Punk for the Tag Titles as opposed to Luke Gallows, which, in my opinion, would be a better team as Gallows seems better fit as an outside enforcer.
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I can see Punk and Mercury working together, they would make a better team than him and gallows.

I don't mind him coming back to the WWE, he was always cool in'll be interesting to see what they make of him.


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I'm for Mercury returning...I always wanted him to have his shot in the Singles side of things.