Former TNA Tag Team To Get WWE Tryout

Well it has finally been confirmed. Monday, September 17th, the Naturals get their shot at the WWE. We just found out that we get our dark match (try out match) on WWE Raw in Nashville on the 17th. So any and all fans that will be in the Nashville area on that day, please feel free to come down to WWE Raw and give us all the support that all of you have continued to give us over the last 5 years. Thank you all for this support, here on Myspace, during our career with TNA, and all the support from our fans at the local Indy shows. Thank you.
I really like both of the naturals so I hope they do good and get a shot to make it big in wwe.

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I was wondering what happened to them the other day. The last I rememer they were being trained by Shane Douglas.
No they told Douglas to go f' himself and they started making there way by themselfs is the last I remembered but then they got kind of lost on what they were going to do with them. I am not sure but I think the plan was to have Shane get another tag team and try and take them out.


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I am not much of a TNA fan, but they have caught my eye.

I hope they go into WWE. They are a talented bunch


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I think they will get the titles. I mean the WWE is running out of good tag teams to take the titles and The Naturals would be a good duo to have them.


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They'll get their titles, since the-outta-ideas WWE needs to make something better and kick in fresh talent