Former NBA Ref Gets 15 Months in Jail


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Remember this guy? - NBA Referee Scores 15 Months in Jail for Leaking Betting Tips - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

He caused a huge stir up last year when it came out that he was betting on the very games he was reffing... Seriously he deserves to be in jail for this.

He also got a $217,266 fine. It was supposed to be $1.4 million but the judge lowered it.

People like this make me mad though. Some teams definitely have incorrect wins/losses now because of this cheater and how he took advantage of his referee position.
He also got a $217,266 fine. It was supposed to be $1.4 million but the judge lowered it.
And why did he do that? :\

Good. Hopefully, he'll learn something from this and stop being so greedy. Possibly write an apology to the NBA and fans for his actions, too.


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Him getting caught exposed the situation and hopefully makes it harder to rig games in the future. I was very disappointed with how Stern just tries to sweep it all under the rug, I'm pretty sure he was not the only guy out there doing things that violate the integrity of the game.


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To be honest I'm really surprise that he only got 15 months, I expected to serve at least two years in Prison. But with that being said he got what he deserved, the guy ruin things for a lot of teams out there.

I also agree with Philly saying that Stern didn't handle the situation properly, he made himself look like an idiot.


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He's going to get raped so hard it isn't even funny. Forgive my slight racism here, but look at what's going to happen. Prison, which statistics tell us is made of mostly minorities and what else do prisoners have to do during the day outside of watching sports or talking sports? Not a lot.