formatted WD external hard disk

hi all,
i have recently accidently deleted my newly bought WD external hard disk partition while formatting my notebook. The external hard disk can no longer be detected by my notebook. Is the external hard disk corrupted? Can I still retrieve my data in the external hard disk? It looks as if it is not present though i plug it to my notebook.

10s for any advices.
If you deleted the partition table, the data is not removed or overwritten yet.. until you reformat or actually write on the disk again. So if you can't see the drive, and Windows isn't indexing like mad, then there's a possibility to get it back. I don't have any experience with external drives, but a piece of software like this might be an idea:
Recover Deleted Partitions, Undelete Partition, Unerase Partition, Restore Partition - EASEUS Partition Table Doctor

..Are you sure you didn't just kill the USB driver along with the format? What exactly did you do? :)