Forget it...No longer Interested.


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When it takes a site this long to fix a minor concern who knows just how long it will take to fix something major.
Sorry l have patience but just not as much as it would seem to be needed for this place.
Am moving on....


Flawless Victory
Staff member

We apologize for the delay. However, the only member of GF Staff that is able to activate your flag is away on business. Your need from a flag has been posted by other staff in his "to do" list.

So, it will be remedied if you're able to hold out that patience a little bit longer. I hope you'll stick around.


Sally Twit
You said it yourself, it is a minor issue. It isn't urgent and it shouldn't ruin the site for you. You were already told the only person able to fix this is away at the moment. This is a well run site so please be patient and they'll sort it when they can.