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The name doesnt really mean much. I'm not much for equities, the liquidity and trading times aren't even close to what you get with forex. Along with swindles and scammers stocks just aren't as profitable. I do hold very few company's shares long term, but I think that a major correction is coming in the markets.


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Hey guys
I joined this forum just to add something to this post.
I trade forex almost on a daily basis. Won a lot, but have had some bad days also. Keeping in mind that all investments have an element of risk, what I would sugest for anyone to do first if you wanna get into forex, is to look for an online brokerage that offers free demo, then you can play around with virtual or fake money and get comfortable with their platform and understand how everything works. Before you decide to go in with real money. When you go in with real money, don't just throw all of your investment capital in. Just start gradually first with a smaller amount untill you get really comfortable. Then in a couple of months, you could be like me. Trading everyday for a living. There is a lot of money to be made, but you also have to be cautious. Up till now I learn something new everyday. I trade with ZenithFX and I started with their demo and couple of months ago I started trading with real money. So far the forex gods are on my side...cos I have won a lot more than I have lost.
Cheers & Good Luck


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Won? :D I prefer to call it earning, since really it's not like I'm walking into a casino and dropping my investment money into a slot machine... (unless you are investing randomly and hoping for luck, that's different).

Thanks for the advice. I don't have time to trade Forex right now, but if it's as profitable as everyone is saying, I will probably get into it eventually.


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Andrew said:
Does anyone here get into trading currency? I've read about people that do it, and obviously it's a popular practice, but I never got into it myself.

(And I'm not talking about a one time exchange when you visited Canada.. :D I'm talking about exchanging on a regular basis in order to turn a profit.)
Take a look at Forex$Forcaster on Ebay.......