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Forex Trading for Newbies


New Member
Newbies like myself...

I recently jumped into training online and opened a demo account. Demo came with $10,000. It is fairly easy to understand the market with a little reading but the buy/sell points are where I definitely do not have the knowledge or commitment to study.

Opened the account and entered into a couple of trades using USD/EUR and USD/CHF. I set a couple of buy sell limits on each and the EUR/USD is up about $900+ two days later but my USD/CHF is losing. It's addictive to watch and wait for alerts. I can understand how people get addicted to their blackberry or cellphone text messages... like Xmas waiting for a message that one of your limits has been hit and I've only been at it 3 days now...lol

I've been meaning to learn this for a few years and finally took the plunge (at least the educational plunge) and hope to throw some real money to the wind in the next month or so... we shall see.

No links here so I won't point you in the direction of the software/demo account I am using and the buy/sell numbers are coming from an affiliate based group so just do a search for forex demo accounts or the like..


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've used stock trading demo accounts before. You are free to post the link as long as it's not somethign that you get paid if people go to it. I'd be interested in checking it out myself. :)
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