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Forever Fantasy (Fantasy Romance so... read if you want)



This is a little fantasy romance story I wrote. You may read this if you want but I suggest you to be 13 or up. Enjoy.

Chapter 1
-*BEEP BEEP BEEP* Mikiru stretched and yawned. She shut off the alarm and sat up in bed. Her medium long black hair stuck out, making her head look like an unmown lawn. Her brown eyes glanced toward the clock. "6:45!?!?!? Darn it! I'm gonna be late for the bus!" she exclaimed. She flew out of bed and quickly dressed. She did her daily morning washing and skipped down the wooden stair steps.
-When she arrived at the kitchen, she made some Pop-Tarts and scrambled eggs. When she was done eating, she glanced at the clock. "Holy! It's 6:57! I gotta hurry!" She put on a sky-blue jacket and grabbed her 10 lb. bookbag. She locked the doors and fled to the bus stop.
-When she rounded the corner, the public bus was about to leave. She screamed, "Wait!" The driver must've heard the call because he did wait. She wheezed a thank you to the bus driver, slided her metro card and sat down on the first seat.
-"Morning, Mikiru." she heard someone say.
-She looked across the aisle. "Oh, hey. Morning, Kireno," she replied. Sitting across her was a boy about her age. He had greenish-blue eyes and had hazelnut brown hair. His skin was light and had a tint of cianwood. Mikiru always thought he was handsome. Many other girls, in their junior high school, thought so, too. Makiru also liked Kireno. She knew him from fourth grade but never confessed her feelings. It's hard to not like someone you knew for so long. Besides, he was the only Japanese guy she knew. All the rest of her peers were American, Asians, Europeans or Hispanics.
-Mikiru sighed. Although she read many romance fantasy graphic novels, she knew that the story could never come true. He falls in love with her, she falls in love with him, it was the basic story. <Besides,> Mikiru frequently thought, <I'm too plain and ordinary. He'll go for someone more beautiful than me.>
-Suddenly, Kireno walked across the aisle and sat next to Mikiru. He rubbed something off of Mikiru's face. Mikiru instantly blushed. "You had some bread crumbs stuck to your face," he said. Mikiru couldn't speak. Kireno never did this before since it was the first time Mikiru overslept. The bus pulled to a stop as the door opened. Kireno withdrew to his seat and just stared out the window.
-Mikiru recovered from her shock and took out a sketch book. When she opened it, inside were many sketches of people, animals, and plants. She turned to the back of the book, where every page was filled with pictures of Kireno. There were the real Kireno and there were other fantasy Kirenos. Mikiru took out a pencil and began sketching another picture.

Chapter 2-
-*DING DING* Mikiru waved goodbye to Kireno and walked to her homeroom. She walked briskly, darting to available spaces in the crowd of students. Every now and then, she was jostled by someone but somehow she always made her way through.
-By the time she arrived in homeroom, she was a little tired. She sat down at her desk. It was the farthest from the front and closest to the windows. She took out a new graphic novel she obtained, MeruPuri, and began reading. Her peers just talked to each other about rumors and anything that is of interest. Mikiru ignored all of this. She heard some laughter, giggles, and snorts. She kept on reading her book until a boy tapped her on her shoulder. Mikiru looked up and saw probably the most handsome (second to Kireno) boy ever. He had wonderful aquamarine blue eyes and blond hair, up to the neck. He stood about six foot tall. He smiled and said, "Hey."
-Mikiru quickly shook out of the daze and reverted to her unsocial self. "What do you want?" she murmured.
-The boy held her face. "I want..." he whispered. His mouth moved toward hers. She was stunned and was surprised at the boy's move. His lips were millimeters away when suddenly, he pulled back. "Ha! You fell for it," he snorted in her face. Mikiru was stunned and then just glared at him. "Just kidding!" he then said and kissed Mikiru on the cheek. Mikiru was once more speechless. Then he walked away and the other girls crowded around him. Mikiru recovered and took out a her sketch book and turned to a clean page. She then sketched of some pictures in her book.
-The teacher came in and took the attendance. He then announced, "I see that you have met our new transfer student. His name is Hakugaro. Please introduce yourself."
-The blond hair boy that kissed Mikiru earlier stepped up to the room. "Hi, I am Hakugaro. I came from a far away place to study here. I hope to make you all my friends." He looked at Mikiru's way. Mikiru looked down and scribbled something in her book.
-*DING* "Now, students, you may go to your first period class."
-Mikiru quickly gathered her things and waked out of the classroom. She thought of Hakugaro and Kireno and sighed. The thought of liking two guys made her feel uncomfortable. She shook herself and then continued with her day.

Chapter 3-
-Mikiru made it through half the day without acting different from what she usually acts. She sat at the farthest table from any other table in the cafeteria. Mikiru sighed and took out a paper bag from her book bag. Just then, Hakugaro sat right beside her. Mikiru just took out her peanut butter [s00per secret w0rd!] sandwhich and ate it silently. "Uh... I'm sorry for what I did this morning. It was only a joke..." he said. Mikiru just nodded.
-Hakugaro was about to say something else when a brunette girl came over. "Hey, Cutie. Why don't you sit with us girls?" she stepped aside to show the table full of beautiful girls like herself. The other girls all waved.
-Before Hakugaro answered, Mikiru said, "Don't want to."
-The other girl just sneered, "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to Hakugaro." Mikiru shrugged and finished her lunch.
-Hakugaro sighed. "I'll be with you in a moment," he replied. The girl jumped in delight. When she went away, Hakugaro said, "I'll talk to you later. By the way, I never got you name."
-Mikiru just countered. "I'll tell you soon enough..." she said. She threw out her trash and took out her sketch pad. Hakugaro sighed again, but then he smiled. "What are you smiling about?" Mikiru asked without taking her eyes off her pad.
-"You're adorable," he said and then chuckled.
-"Yoohoo!" Mikiru and Hakugaro looked at where the sound came from. It was obviously from the girls. Hakugaro sighed once more. He reached into his pockets and pulled out a silver locket. He laid it in front of Mikiru. "Here, have it." He slumped away to the girls' table.


blue 3
Oooh I like it so far. Besides a few gramatical errors, and some spelling errors its pretty good! I wanna know more about your characters though; you had a reall good description of Kireno; try to do that with all your characters.

Anyways very good start; I like it so far, can't wait to read the rest!


Ms. Malone
I'm not really into romance but i really like this. The only downside is the descriptions, like Sui said, you need more of them. Other than that it's good. Keep it up!


Great start but, as Pugz and Sui have said, you are lacking important details. However, this is an extremely captivating story and i wish to read more! Nevermind about the details! lol :D


wow your stories are always so freaky, but hey you keep me wondering what's next. Glad to see you still here. :D


Gah! Too much homework! I can't update!
My stories freaky? well... yea, they are... I guess...
I just had to change the plot so... I had to rewrite the next few chapters... Please be paitient for your patients will be rewarded.


I finally got some chapters done! And they're not short.

Chapter 4- Magic
-Mikiru walked to the bus stop near her school. The wind whipped at her face, making it all pinkish red. Her brown hair flowed wildly around. Rain fell, soaking her. "Blast this wind and rain. I can't see anything," She then saw a figure in front of her and thought it was Kireno. "Hey Kireno!" she yelled. She ran a few steps and then slowed down. It wasn't Kireno in front of her. It was Hakugaro.
-"Hey, Mikiru!" he greeted.
-She glared at him. "Oh, it's you. What do you want?" she muttered.
-"Well," Hakugaro scratched his head, "I was hoping to get to know you better. I mean, I'm a new student and I hope to make friends with you." He smiled.
-"It's that kiss isn't it?" Mikiru asked.
-Hakugaro's smile disappeared. "Well..."
-"Look, I don't care if you pay me back or not. You have other people to have as your friends. I don't want you locket either. Just leave me alone," she said. She took out the silver locket from her pocket and threw it to Hakugaro.
-Kireno just then walked up from behind. "Hey what's..." he stared in shock at Hakugaro.
-Hakugaro quieted and nodded his head. "It has been a while, your highness."
-Mikiru looked at Kireno. "Your highness?"
-Kireno sighed. "It's nothing. You should go home." He turned to Hakugaro. "What is it?"
-Hakugaro replied, "Your world is in grave danger. The Dark Sins got through the barrier. Most were captured. Some were instantly killed. Your parents are safe for now. You have to go. If they get into this world, the innocent people living here are doomed."
-Mikiru stood there, trying to sort out the information she had just taken in. She shook herself to get out of the daze. "There's no such thing as Dark Sins nor any other worlds," she mumbled to herself. Suddenly thunder boomed in the sky. "Hey Kireno, I'll just be going home now..." she said. Lightning flashed in the sky. A lightning bolt came down, hitting Mikiru's book bag and, mysteriously, not her.
-"Mikiru!" Hakugaro and Kireno exclaimed. She quickly took off the bag and ran to Kireno's side. Out of Mikiru's book bag hopped out a small black figure. It had six legs and two pairs of large red eyes. "Awe... It's so cute!" Mikiru exclaimed. Mikiru walked toward the creature.
-"Mikiru, I don't think that's a good idea..." Kireno warned. He took off his necklace with a sword shaped charm. It grew into a fine silver sword. The hilt had imprints of a dragon and phoenix. Hakugaro also took out a necklace. However, it had a spearhead charm instead of a sword. His turned into a blue shimmering spear.
-When she came to two feet away from the creature, it glared at her and then grew. It roared, displaying rows and rows of sharp gleaming teeth. Four legs turned into arms with claws and the other two became its legs. "It's Dark Sin!" Hakugaro exclaimed. Mikiru fell onto her bottom, staring at the horrible creature. It lunged at her. Luckily, Kireno was reading and slashed the it with his sword. The creature fell dead, dissolving into the ground. Hakugaro was searching through Mikiru's bookbag until he yowled in pain and dropped the bag. "Hey!" Mikiru exclaimed. "Who grant you the permission to look through my bag!"
-"Well, A Dark Sin came out of it, why else?" Hakugaro reasoned. He looked his mysteriously burnt hand.
-Mikiru glared at his face and then at his hand. "That's a pretty bad burn. Need any help?" she offered.
-"Sorry but no," he said.
-"Before we do anything else, let's go to my house," Kireno said. Hakugaro nodded in approval as Mikiru hesitated. "What's the matter Mikiru?"
-"It's... nothing. I'll come," she answered. Kireno nodded and then smiled. He whispered a few words and they were at his house.

Chapter 5- History
-"Wow," Mikiru said. Kireno's house wasn't that big from the outside but the inside was magnificent. Kireno had marble flooring for his bathroom and kitchen. He had black cherry wood for the rest of his rooms. Mikiru stood in the hallway, staring at his lovely decorated living room. "Enjoy yourself. I'm just gonna get some drinks... What do you guys want?"
-Mikiru snapped into reality. "It's OK, I don't want anything."
-"Me neither," said Hakugaro. He then muttered a few words and a bandage appeared out of nowhere. The bandage began wrapping itself on Hakugaro.
-Mikiru opened her sketch pad and began drawing rapidly. Kireno walked into the room and sat down. He sipped his tea as he silently watched Mikiru's hand move across the paper. "Mind if I take a look?" asked Hakugaro.
-Mikiru replied with a cold, "No."
-"Awe, c'mon just a peek." When Hakugaro's hands were a few centimeters away, sparks came out. Hakugaro quickly did a barrier spell, protecting him from the sparks. "I knew it. Your drawing pad is the portal. We must seal it. If we can't then we have to destroy it," he said.
-"But this book is special. It was given to me from my great grandmother. She said that her great grandmother gave it to her. Whenever I seem to run out of pages, more pages appear," Mikiru explained. Hakugaro and Kireno looked at each other with the same look. Hakugaro's brow furrowed. Kireno shrugged. Mikiru looked at them, trying to decode their message.
-"Uh... Mikiru, that book may be magical. I believe that it's from my great great great great... aunt. I heard that she left her family..." Kireno was cut off.
-"'Left her family' doesn't even describe it. She abandoned them, leaving them worrying and weeping. Her mom died of missing her and her dad broke down into a sickness and died suffering. Her siblings grew up in loneliness without her, the big sister. They became famous but still had the grief of knowing they lost a sister," Hakugaro blurted out.
-"Wow, I never knew..." Mikiru murmured.

Chapter 6- Sealing
-"How'd you know all of this?" Kireno asked in suspicion.
-"It was in history class."
-"Uhu... Hey Mikiru, did you ever find any other pics in your book?" Kireno suddenly asked.
-"Well, there were a few faded drawings like this one." Mikiru opened the book to the page of a faded but beautifully decorated door. One side had a Phoenix with roses filling the background while the other side had a dragon with crashing waves. "It's really pretty, don't you think?" she sighed.
-"That's it alright," Kireno murmured.
-"Mikiru, if you don't mind, we have to seal it," Hakugaro said.
-"How are you gonna do that?" Mikiru made a point.
-Hakugaro looked at Kireno. Kireno shrugged and mouthed something. Hakugaro nodded and looked back at Mikiru. "We have to erase it." Mikiru fell off the couch.
-"Mikiru, are you all right?" Kireno asked and he jumped up from his chair.
-Mikiru got up. "I'm alright. It's just that you thought of such a simple way. I thought you would use magic or something like that."
-"Well, it is a picture so I guess we would have to erase it. Besides magic takes up to much energy. If we can't erase it, then we'll use magic," Hakugaro explained. Kireno nodded in agreement and sat down again. Hakugaro handed Mikiru an eraser. Mikiru took it. "Aren't you gonna do it?"
-"Are you crazy? Look what it did to me!" he exclaimed and pointed at his burnt hand.
-"Right..." she mumbled. She moved toward the paper with shaky hands. She really didn't want to erase the picture. She began erasing. However, it will not come off. She erased harder. It still wouldn't come off. She shrugged. "I guess it's eraser proof," she stated.
-Hakugaro sighed. He sat down. "The honor is all yours, your highness."
-Kireno got up. He was about to prick his finger when Mikiru yelled stop.
-Kireno looked at her with a surprised look. "Why?"
-"I want to try something," she answered. Mikiru then took a pencil out and drew some chains across the doors.
-Hakugaro tapped his foot impatiently as Kireno folded his arms. "You sure that's gonna work?" Kireno asked.
-"Well, this portal is a picture so, I think pictures of chains or something to bind it would work."
-"I think it's more complicated than that. Since a regular eraser couldn't erase it that a regular picture wouldn't be able to seal it. I think you need to use at least some kind of spell. However, we can let it be like that for a few days. If nothing come out, then we can keep it like that. If something does, well, it's sealing time."
-Kireno nodded in approval. "Therefore, we will not use any extra energy."
-Mikiru bobbed here head up and down. She yawned and looked at her watch. "Woah, time passed really quickly. I better get going." She took her bag and her book. When she opened the door partially, a strong gust of wind knocked her back and a barrage of rain hit her. Hakugaro quickly closed the door and Kireno lifted Mikiru up. "I guess you'll be staying here for a while. If you have to stay over, you can use the guest room. Right now, you need to wash up. I'll lend you some of my clothes," Kireno said in a calm voice. Mikiru blushed and then nodded. Besides she couldn't go anywhere else.


um some mistakes, and some details missing, but its pretty good so far! and it reminds me of the graphic novel "Meru Puri"


Alright, double update. Here goes...

Chapter 7- It's Real
-Mikiru woke up in the guest room. She reached for her drawing book and flipped through the pages to where the door picture was. She sighed. <Well, it's real.> She jumped out of bed and opened the door. She looked both ways and then tip toed to the bathroom. She memorized Kireno's house last night.
-When she was about to open the door, Hakugaro came walking out. The surprised Mikiru jumped two feet away. "Oh, Morning, Mikiru. How was yuor sleep?" he asked.
-"Mornin'. It was fine," Mikiru mumbled. Hakugaro stepped aside to let Mikiru in the bathroom. When Mikiru was under the door, Hakugaro stole a smooch. Mikiru became fustrated so she lunged her fist at Hakugaro. Hakugaro dodged smoothly and clicked his toungue. "You're gonna have to do beter than that if you're gonna try and hit me." Then he walked away.
-"Grr! He's such a jerk!" Mikiru exclaimed. "Although... he does remind me of Kish from Tokyo Mew Mew..." she then reasoned. She shrugged and did her morning wash.
-While Mikiru washed, Hakugaro snuck into the guest room, only to find Kireno there. "Morning you highness. What are you doing here?" Hakugaro asked.
-"I was about to ask the same question to you," he replied without looking up from a book. He flipped through the pages, looking at Mikiru's art and his great great... aunt's art. "Mhm..." he mumbled. <It's real> he thought. Kireno closed the book and walked out of the door. "She's gonna come soon, better get out of the room," he warned.
-Hakugaro shrugged. He looked at the book, lying on the table and sighed. He took one peek and gasped. <It's real,> he thought. He quickly put the book back and walked out of the room.

Chapter 8- Good Bye for Now
-Luckily, it was a Saturday. Mikiru already finished breakfast and was about to go home. She sat in the living room, waiting for Kireno so that she could say thank you. When Kireno walked in, Mikiru gasped in awe. He wore a black robe with golden dragon imprints. It was one of her designs. Kireno saw how Mikiru was looking at him. "What?" he said.
-Mikiru quickly shook herself to get out of the daze. "It's nothing. I just wanted to say good-bye and thanks."
-Hakugaro came into the room. He wore something less elaborate as Kireno but similar design. "Your majesty, we have to go." Kireno nodded. Hakugaro averted to Mikiru. "Well, we have to go back to our world. If you don't mind, can we use your portal?" he asked.
-"Why don't you go use the portal you used to get here?" Mikiru asked.
-Hakugaro explained, "Well, I sealed it as soon as I got here. I can't open it since no one will be here to seal it again. As you can see..."
-"Alright, alright, I get it," Mikiru butted in. She sat down and took out her gray notepad and opened it up to the page of the door. She took out an eraser and erased the chains.
-"Oh and I forgot something," Kireno then said. Mikiru looked up at Kireno. She thought he would say something like "I really like you" but then put that thought aside. Instead, Kireno gave Mikiru a key. "Lock the front door when you leave. You're always welcome to come back here." Mikiru nodded, disappointed that he didn't say something like what she thought he would say.
-"Here," Hakugaoro took out a little necklace with a shimmering clear gem at th end. "When it turns blue, open the doors so that we can come back. When it turns red, it's a Dark Sin near the door. When it's yellow, well, there's an unidentified thing nearby," he explained. Mikiru nodded again.
-"If you don't mind, I'll go after you," Kireno indicated Hakugaro. Hakugaro nodded, stole a quick smooch at Mikiru and disappeared through the paper.
-Mikiru rubbed her cheek where Hakugaro kissed her. "It's annoying when he does that," she muttured and looked away from Kireno.
-"Yea..." Kireno mumbled. "Uh, how should I put this..." he scratched his head. "Look, just promise me you'll be here when I come back," he quickly said in a soft voice.
-Mikiru looked at Kireno, blushing. She thought his face looked like a seven year old, confessing to his crush. She smiled. "I promise I'll be here when you come back."
-A grin slowly appeared on Kireno's face. "Thanks," he whispered and then disappeared through the paper. Mikiru took a pencil and drew the chains back on the door and sighed. She took her belongings and went outside. It had the fresh scent that every day had when there was a storm the day before. Mikiru locked the door and walked down the street, knowing that she'll meet Kireno again.


nice! you included more details and i can see ur effort in description. ;)