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Forest or obstacle field for paint-balling?


Secret Agent
Staff member
When you go paint-balling do you prefer a forest with bases or a field with obstacles and barriers?

I've only ever played in a forest and it was awesome. There was a creek and we had to go through the water and mud to get to the enemy base. It was a very big playing area and there were a ton of vantage spots that you could capture to be able to shoot down at people.

Oddly enough I don't think there is anything like this where I live now and there are more trees here than where I used to live... :(


Registered Member
I personally like playing in the forest better because the forest really gives you your own obstatcle course and you just never know what it will be.


Registered Member
Forest! That's the best because you can hide and ambush your enemies better. Then you can leave them dying for the critters to dispose of later...

Oh wait, we were talking about paintball.....


New Member
I've played in both, kinda. I played in an indoor cave environment with no man-made "obstacles" and I also played with the scouts in a forest environment.
Obviously they're both awesome, I guess though that I couldn't count the cave as a obstacle one since it was more like the forest but I'd have to say that if I were to play in an obstacle course, I would still think that I'd like the forest/cave type better. It's more spontaneous.


New Member
Hey I lie in puerto vallarta Mexico and always paint ball in the jungle called el eden it is the same jungle where the movie predator was filmied if anyone is ever in the neiborhood give me a holla puertovallartafish


Registered Member
We have a great forest with hills, caves and lots of bushy growth. So it's great for paintball wars.


Registered Member
I almost forgot:
My nephew was telling me about places called "Ambush" where they get old buildings and build a horror deal and then they go in and ambush each other. He desvribed is as something like Ruby Ridge but everyone lives.


Registered Member
Another forest vote. I get all into the experience and prefer realism. I have trouble creating a narrative on an obstacle course. Corny, I am.


Registered Member
We get into big time roleplaying out in the field. Once you get shot you pull out your flag (or you will just get shot over and over) and walk back to your sides base. There people sit and play cards or whatever until their side is all dead. The loser has to buy dinner. We are a site going into the local pizza place covered in leaves and "blood".

But it's fun!


True Blue Australian
I've never played paintball before because of the fact that i am under age but i'm really wanting to do forest:p
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