Foreman says he was secretly drugged vs. Ali


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According to his new memoir "God in My Corner," Foreman claims he was secretly drugged prior to his heavyweight title fight against Ali in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then known as Zaire). The ex-champ claims he was given a strange-tasting cup of water just prior to the fight.
"I almost spit it out ... Man, I know this water has medicine in it," Foreman told his trainer at the time, according to his book. "I climbed into the ring with that medicinal taste still lingering in my mouth ... After the third round, I was as tired as if I had fought 15 rounds. What's going on here? Did someone slip a drug in my water?"
Foreman's trainer denied the water had anything in it. Ali won the fight with an eighth-round knockout.


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I think ol' George is getting a bit whacked in his old age. I mean come on, we are talking about a guy who named ALL of his kids George...


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How would he exactly know if he was 'drugged'?

The 'feeling' he probably had was a nervous feeling everybody has before facing the World Great.