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Forehead Competition


Secret Agent
Staff member
That's really messed up. :( I hope those people are forced to pay that kid a TON of money for the pain and surgery he is going to have to go through. I also hope they get some serious jail time to set an example right away, that this kind of behavior will not be let off easy. :mad:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Sick ,Sick, Sick,Sick, That's just wrong on so many levels.I hopt the courts throw the book at those Idots. :tough: :warp: :tough:


Registered Member
Is it even possible to get a tatto off without a bunch of scaring? Major sick people! If you hear more about the story (how big of a book they threw at these jerks) please follow up!


New Member
That is terrible, maybe they will be thrown in a cell with someone named bubba who will make them their 'girlfriend' LOL