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Forced smoking


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I think that's wrong. You don't have to change your traits, personality, or way of life if it hurts you in any way.


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The sort of happened to me. A girlfriend who I had been dating for 2 years started smoking, much to my shock. It came from nowhere but she told me she had tried it at work and continued, thinking that she could control it. She had taken unbelievable pains to secret it from me but, eventually, admitted it because she need to smoke when I was home.
After several months of asking her to stop or smoke outside she told me it was virtually impossible to stop now that (and THIS was the kicker) she was smoking for over a year! All behind my back too. I felt like an idiot because I never saw this coming but she's very smart and figured out how to hide it well.
After asking her if she needed help stopping, she said that she would be able to stop if we'd stop together!
She actually wanted me to start so that she could stop. At first that didn't make sense to me but, and I realize how dumb this is, I actually agreed to this as I loved her so much I felt I'd do anything to help her.
It was very hard to start smoking. I was dizzy and the taste was bad but she promised I'd get used to it, etc. It took almost 6 weeks for me to finally be okay with it and then she said I'd have to smoke close to the amount she did or else it would be too easy for me. So I did that and that took longer, like about 2 months, for me to smoke around one pack each day. By that time I actually enjoyed it, though it became a pain not smoking at work as I was definitely addicted by then.
It's a very long story but though we began the stop smoking thing, she found ways to undermine it and actually encourage me to continue.
To this very day, and that was 3 years ago, we still smoke.
I learned a lot about addiction of course and feel like a real fool (I am, I know that now) and I still bother her about, now, us stopping but I'm in a ridiculous situation and we really do love each other, despite this happening. It's hard to quite when your partner offers so many opportunities that undermine one's motivation, ironically.


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I hope he got lots of jail time. It really sucks that this has made smoking part of you. You can choose to turn your back on smoking. You might always be a smoker, you might never be free of the need - but you do have control over you. Sometimes it must be violently seized from parts of you desperately clinging. Still, you are more powerful than the broken pieces of you, despite their loudness, their presence - their seeming power.

That is a really fucked up story. I am very sorry that some humans are monsters and you met one.


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I've been through this with my ex, I'm a person that doesn't smoke and she did so I did what I could to tell her to quit. She did for a long time, close to a year but eventually went back to it. It was hard for me, and we argued about it every now and than only for me to realize that I had to accept it and shouldn't try and change who she is and her habits as unhealthy as it seemed. Sucks, but these things sort of happen.


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I guess this post will cover the strange things that happen in life, and how they change the way you see things.

I was 20 years old, off at university. I had taken the summer off and was beyond enjoying the much needed time off from school. I met this wonderful guy right at the beginning of summer at a music festival. A month in I agree to that just before the next semester begins and im back to the books that I will go away for 2 weeks with him to his familys vacation home in Myrtle Beach, SC.

First I admit stupidty. in the time I got to know him before the trip, it never dawned on me that he always picked me up, and we had never gone back to his place, nor had I met any of his friends. However he kept talking about how private he was, and how he had been hurt, and he really wanted to take things slow with me.

Well we go away on our trip to the beach. The first night there is amazing. The 2nd night we are intimate for the first time. I was so comfortable with this guy, we decided to play a little bondage game, and I let him use restraints to tie me to the bed. Ive always been a bit submissive. After our first time he starts talking to me instead of releasing me from my restraints, but Im not complaining at this point because I was quite satisfied.

He goes on to tell me how he never get to explore his sexual nature, and goes on to tell me he has a smoking fetish. I let him know right away how disgusting I think smoking is and how I will never do it. He playfully begs me and I let him know it wont happen. He drops this issue, lays his head on my breasts and is asleep almost instantly, I fall asleep as well still restrained not wanting to wake him.

Next day Im still restrained when I wake and he is standing there smiling. To shorten the story, he tells me that I am going to become a smoker if I like it or not, and that Im not going to be let out of the restraints until he see that I am as he put it an accomplished smoker. I of course begged him to let me lose, and screamed and cried. It did no good. Before I know it I have this gas mask contraption on me with a tube sticking out of it.

He lights up a cigarette, I had no clue he smoked till this point. He blows the smoke into the tube, and covers it until I have no choice but to breath in. The first few cigarettes that day were torture. I coughed and gagged, and I have no clue how I managed not to throw up. I felt light headed, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. I was forced to smoke 5 times that day.

Next day same routine. Only I didnt feel as sick. By the 4th day of our trip, and 3rd of me being restrained and forced to smoke. I made a deal with him that I would smoke if he would just put the cigarette to my lips so I didnt have to wear the mask any longer. This day I had to smoke 12 cigarettes.

2 days later he fixed one of the restraints to give me just enough length I could get my hand to my mouth so I could smoke on my own. 17 cigarettes this day. I was also by now pretty used to it as I was no longer getting sick, and any light headedness I felt was faint and short lived.

By the end of the first week I was being forced to smoke a pack in a day. By the end of the two weeks I was smoking near 2 packs.

To my surprise and maybe it was because I was cooperative and played sweet the 2nd week he let me leave. I had him arrested naturally.

Back at school its the first week of classes. I have noticed since returning I am irritable and hard to get along with, not to mention I have this almost over bearing urge to smoke. Before the weekend of that first week of classes I found myself purchasing cigarettes.

To this day I am still a smoker. What I went through was horrible, and I wouldnt wish it on anyone. However its very strange how things have changed for me. I once hated the very smell of cigarettes. No I adore my cigarettes. I mean I actually love smoking, and everything about it. The smell, the taste, The look, the fell, and I almost wish I would have stumbled across smoking on my own years before my horrible experience with Nick (his name). Two things have drastically changed since these events. Other then me becoming a smoker I mean.

1. I became a lesbian. Havent been interested in me since Nick. and 2. I have learned that not only do I love smoking, but I have a smoking fetish. So anytime I am interested in a girl I let her know up front if she doesnt smoke, or wont at least be willing to do it in the bedroom, then Im not going to get along with her.

So I am just saying be careful when it comes to relationships, but isnt it weird how you can find you love something you hate, but more so get something great out of a horrible experience?

So I just thought I would see what people had to say on this subject.
O.K, what in the nine depths of gay-hell laced with 50 shades of f***ed up did I just read?


I completely empathize with you SammyHide. I too have a 120 fetish( I smoke More menthol 120s-male) and while I know I got this fetish from an incident that happened to me as a young child(babysitter), I also know that I can never get rid of it. I enjoy smokng More Menthol 120s. I love the taste, the look, the erotic appeal of a long thin 120 cigarette.

I know others share this fetish, while other don't. To each his/her own I guess.

I'm sorry that you had to go through such a traumatic event to get to this point. I'm glad you've come through it.

Speaking for myself, I support you 100% in your endevours. I'm glad to find another More 120 menthol fetisher...

Smokey More 120 menthol kisses...

Can we not?
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I'm not even sure where to begin. I was in a living situation where I had two chain smokers living down stairs. I was waking up in a room of thick blue smoke almost every morning. There were complications trying to get out of there so I was stuck there for quite some time. By the time I could get out my lungs were pretty trashed, and I know that if I had been there much longer that lung disease would have been my fate. As it is, the smell of nicotine smoke can send me into a serious coughing fit, and even dry or cold air can get me going pretty bad. My opinion about cigarettes is, as you might well imagine, not in any way positive.

I think what happened to you was absolutely inexcusable and I hope he got the maximum penalty under the law for the way he violated you. I smoked for a few years in my teens then quit when I learned what was actually in those things. Your love of cigarettes may have started as a mental defense mechanism when you were being forced to smoke. In any case, I hope that you are able to value yourself enough to kick the habit. You deserve much better than anything that cigarettes have to offer, especially over the long term. I'd hate for you to end up in my position, or worse.