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Forced Euthanasia?

Should people be euthanized once they reach a certain age?

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Do you think people over a certain age who live in crowded countries should be euthanized to make room for the next generation and to limit overpopulation?

Do you feel that at some point old people have worn out their welcome on the earth and should "get out of the way"?

I think the idea is downright barbaric but it's being brought up now in some countries. It's flat out wrong. Nobody should ever be forced to die simply because they lived too long.



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I'm against it not only because it's a ridiculous claim that old people are useless (the way you'd treat outdated computers) but also it's very dangerous to start deciding which groups of people deserve to live in this world and which don't and must be killed. Mass murders come to mind.


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I think the idea is downright barbaric but it's being brought up now in some countries.
What countries?

Anyway my answer to this question; old people have a use and its called the 75(?) years before they get old. If you are going to be euthanized it makes the whole concept of trying meaningless. On top of that it would be a sad concept to destroy wisedom, thats one resource we could do with more of, you dont get to be old by being an idiot.

Heres a thought. In the same question we could ask: Is childhood to long? Do we realy need 20 years to become economically productive?


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It's a daft idea. It takes experiance and wisdom to teach the young, and such experiance and wisdom is only gained through time, i.e 'age.'
I don't believe in euthanasia full-stop [period.]

Video Link > The Zimmers - My Generation <
Listen and give it some thought.
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I'm anti-death penalty and I'm anti this, too. There are better ways to control overpopulation than killing the older generation.

Stop having sex.


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Aw vilky. Where's the fun in that? :lol:

For the record, I'm for euthanasia/assisted suicide but not forced euthanasia.


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What countries?
Keep in mind I said "brought up", not enforced. It's an idea mostly brought up by college professors who have their heads on crooked.

Here's an article on it. This is more a general euthanasia article but the concept of killing off the elderly is in it. I'll try to find some other articles too.

Baroness Warnock: Dementia sufferers may have a 'duty to die' - Telegraph

There's even a college professor here in the US that argues that life should legally begin at 1 year of age. There are some sick people out there.
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Definitely not. However, I do believe people should be given the choice to end their life if they're in a lot of pain and of a certain age.


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The reason this is even a subject in some countries is they don't have enough working age people to support the elderly. Why not? In some countries, like Russia, there are more abortions than births. So much so that it is causing a negative population growth.
Abortion was supposed to make nations wealthier by being less a drag on resources. Surprise - that didn't work as planned.


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Ah, population control, we meet again my old nemesis!

The question is a real doozy because it's a bad solution to a very real problem. Let's face it, we're running out of room on Earth slowly but surely so where will we all fit?

Get your asses in gear, NASA!