For those that deny the historical account of the O. Testament-think Bible was madeup

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    This guy came to my howntown this week named Bob Cornuke. I've never heard of the guy, but he gave a presentation on his search for Mount Sinai. This guy has also looked for Noah's Ark and other Biblical archaeology. This guy's presentation blew me away. I saw the condensed version during his presentation and the entire version is on youtube.

    I guess before I go on, I need to fill some people in on exactly what Sinai is. Sinai has a lot of Biblical significance. Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice him there and Elijah rested there. But most importantly Moses received the 10 commandments there.

    Basically, there is a mountain in Saudi Arabia that is fenced and patrolled by the Saudis. There is a ton of archaeology there and it all points to the Biblical account of Moses receiving the 10 commandments, the Jews building an alter to Egyptian God, Moses splitting the rock in 2. This is an amazing set of videos. I dare say, that you cannot look at these videos and read the Biblical account of the 10 Commandments and say that this is not the location. In order words, I do not see how you can deny the historical account of the Jews camping at Mt. Sinai that is told in the early books of the Bible.

    I have made a quick log (very quick and incomplete) of the 5 videos. The heavy evidence is found on parts 4 and 5.
    Part 1 - Background
    Part 2 - Crossing the Red Sea
    Part 3 - 3mins - Cave of Elijah
    Part 4 - beginning - Alter Jews built to golden calf
    Part 4 - 2mins in - Top of Mountain burned
    Part 4 - 4min in - huge stone pillar and alter
    Part 5 - Rock that Moses split

    YouTube - The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai - Part 1
    YouTube - The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai - Part 2
    YouTube - The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai - Part 3
    YouTube - The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai - Part 4
    YouTube - The Discovery of the Real Mount Sinai - Part 5

  2. FutureTrackStar

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    Wow this is incredible. Thank you so much for showing us this.

    I'm curious about what the other members of GF think about these videos.
  3. Tucker

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    Ha, I thought the name "Bob Cornuke" sounded familiar. He's the guy who claimed to have found Noah's Ark a few years back after 'investigating' a pile of sedimentary rocks that he took for fossilized wood on a mountain in Turkey:

    Noah's Ark Discovered in Iran?

    Not that the story could possibly have been true in the first place, as common sense should tell us:

    Claim - Noah's Ark

    Readers who would like to know more about 'Doctor' Cornuke can find his Wiki page at this link:

    Bob Cornuke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The section titled "Mount Sinai Controversy" is particularly enlightening.

    If his equally dubious current claim for having discovered hard evidence pointing to the veracity of the Ten Commandments parable turns out to be true, I'll eat not only my Dodgers cap but my favorite pair of shoes and put a video of myself doing so up on YouTube, home of such venerable documents as "moon landing faked" and "George bush is a reptilian from outer space". Until such time as verification happens (and don't hold your breath), I'll continue to believe the legends found in the Old Testament to be sweet but ultimately untrue fables formulated to explain earthly phenomena about which virtually nothing was known in the superstition-laden, pre-scientific era from whence they sprang.
  4. Bananas

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    I certainbly dont think the bible was made up but at the same time I can see Bob Cournukes claims to be inaccurate in determining reason. Often is the case that in the search for conviction, perceptions overlook more plausable answers.

    I admit I have not seen all the videos, I started on #4 like suggested. I also followed up with a little research and found this article;

    This obviously does not discredit the information found within the old testament, it also does not rule out the Jabal al Lawz theory what it does do though is rule out one of the observations as being conclusive evidence to support it.
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  5. MenInTights

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    in other words, you didn't watch one second of the video.
  6. Tucker

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    No, and that's primarily because Cornuke declared a clump of sedimentary stones to be the petrified remains of Noah's Ark. Why would I believe his recent 'findings' regarding another parable to be any less the product of wishful thinking?

    Tell you what, though, if you read the entire contents of the articles I linked to in my previous post (because I know you didn't) and you can find one paper by a reputable authority on antiquity that gives weight to Cornuke's conclusions regarding Sinai, I'll be sure to have a look at that. But let's be frank; that's not going to happen. If there were any truth to this, it would be the blockbuster news story of the millennium - and don't tell me that some all-powerful worldwide conspiracy of evil atheistic scientists could suppress it, either, because I ain't hearing that. Consider this: the major Christian and Jewish leaders around the world certainly have reviewed Cornuke's purported evidence. How many of them, if any, have embraced it?
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    I don't get why people feel it's necessary to prove the existence of their God and the Bible stories.
    I don't personally believe but if I did I wouldn't feel the need to justify it.
    Are you trying to convince others or yourselves?
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    - Why don't you just watch them when you get the time? You don't have to now, but I doubt that you are so busy that you will never get a chance to watch them during the next month. They aren't that long...
  9. Tucker

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    I didn't say that I was too busy. I said that the man's credibility is nil and that I'll take the time to review his fantastic claims if and when they're corroborated by a scholar of accredited letters.
  10. MenInTights

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    I don't understand what the big deal is. He climbed a mountain and thought he had found wood. Had it tested and found out it wasn't. So, you're gonna throw out everything the guy ever did b/c he was wrong once. Does that mean if I find some early writings from Darwin that were inaccurate, you will throw out evolution?

    The Bible describes specific events concerning Mt Sinai. The videos show man made structures and acts of God that clearly support the Biblical text. Mount Sinai has nothing to do with creation, but it seems you are ok with evolution finding a tooth and constructing an entire species, but when an ancient text matches what's on the ground that must be discarded simply because the text is the Torah. I don't get it.

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