For the Mother's out there...

(...and the fathers.)

Do you believe in spanking? With that question being asked I have a similar one: Do you believe in spanking in this day and age?

I always felt that spanking was good and it DID help the child learn what was right and what was wrong. I've seen many stories out there that say you could go to jail for hitting your child and even have him/her taken away. I couldn't believe it!

I'm a single person without any children and probably have no right in saying if it was right or not, but with the children in today's world I just needed to say that they need to be spanked in order for them to learn, behave and survive in todays society.

Your thoughts?
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Up to a certain age, yes. Very small children can't be reasoned with, and sometimes (running onto the road, reaching for something hot etc) a harsh word just doesn't cut it. After the age of anywhere between 4-7 (depending on the child) I don't think it should be necessary. If you've spoken to your children & tried to help them understand the difference between right & wrong from a young age, spanking becomes unnecessary and cruel. There's a fine line between discipline and abuse, and as long as the smack serves a purpose other than releasing your frustrations, you're on the right side of that line.


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As a young mother I cannot tell yet whether spanking is necessary. I think using a harsh tone [and when they're older] showing them your disappointment in their doing bad deeds should be enough.

As I child I was smacked by my dad whenever I did something very bad. But to tell you the truth I have no idea if it helped in my education or not.


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There's a two-part answer to the question of spanking.

Does spanking work? yes. any time you apply a positive punishment, the behavior will likely be extinguished.

is it the right thing to do? in my mind, no, because it has negative consequences. there are other equally effective forms of punishment - loss of a privelege, time out, etc., that don't have the negative consequences associated with spanking.


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I never believed in spanking...until my neighbors kid started the 'screaming stage', screams at nothing and anything, even into the night hours.

now I believe it might help some kids.


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I was spanked when I was younger by my mom sometimes.

I remember when she spanked me once I was a smart ass and said "that didnt hurt".

Man she cracked me hard...

I think use of physical punishment is effect, but detrimental. My dad did not like either, me or my sister getting spanked and told my mom to stop doing it after that incident.

My mom still hits me in the back of the head if I swear in the house. That pisses me off to no end.

I would never spank my kids. There are other options besides that archaic method.


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Back in the good ole days when I was young, my dad used to beat us with a leather belt. Heck, I even got it when a group of kids got caught smoking and I wasn't, I got it for being with them.

Nowadays it'd def. be called abuse.

I think because of that, is why I would never hit my son. Hitting in any form is wrong.


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I have spanked my child before, but I use it as a last resort (I think she's been spanked, and no, not beat, just had her bum swatted as I pull her off the top of her younger brother). I will use time outs and such first, but if she is doing something dangerous that I need to get her immediate attention on, I will use spanking.


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I can't say what's necessary for other's kids. For mine, I'm like what Mrs. Patton a certain age, and depending on the situation, it's the better option. Frankly, it sucks having to do it....
I've never believed in spanking, and have never felt the need to be physical with my girls.
I think there are more effective ways of dealing with bad behavior. If someone wants to spank their child, I guess it's their business, I for one can't stand the thought.