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I have put together a list of things that a lot of men are attracted to in women. Now your job is to rank them in order of importance to you and explain why you ranked them the way you did.

  • height
  • money/career
  • education
  • skill in the bedroom
  • build
  • intelligence
  • confidence
  • humor
  • values
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Copy/paste much? :shake:

1. Intelligence - It is a huge turnoff if a girl does not have at least some intelligence and common sense.

2. Values - I think this is really important in keeping a strong relationship, and especially important when it comes to raising children.

3. Education - I don't want to have to explain things to her that she should have learned in elementary school.

4. Build - Just not attracted to girls that are really out of shape or too muscular.

5. Humor - It's nice if she has a good sense of humor and can make me laugh, as well as being able to tell when I'm joking.

6. Confidence - Not too important to me. I am kind of attracted to shy girls, but not ones that completely hate themselves.

7. Money/Career - I don't really care about money at all, but she should at least help pay the bills.

8. Height - I really couldn't care less as long as she's not freakishly tall or short.

9. Skill in the bedroom - Pretty much a non-factor. As long as there is intimacy in the lovemaking then I don't care how much experience she has or how good she is.


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1. Confidence - I want a girl that's confident into herself and not always on a down note.

2. Intellegence - I want a girl that I am able to discuss everything with, not some blonde bimbo who doesn't even know who the Prime Minister of Australia is.

3. Education - You might as well take the comment I made in the intellegence into same concept as Education.

4. Humor - I am a bloke who likes to joke around a lot and I don't take many things serious and I need someone (already got that one :D) who takes my jokes as jokes and knows I am not serious.

5. Career/Money - No comment about this for now.

6. Build- I don't like skinny girls..but I don't like fat in the middle.

7. Skills in the bedroom - Too young to worry about this, I'll take what comes along the way! :p

8. Height - I prefer girls shorter than me..or maybe tall as me..but no way taller.

9. Values - Not sure what you mean by define "values"


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values - very much defines a person
intelligence - brains are beautiful

The above are the only really important ones, the rest are but the order is very narror to their importance.

education - was she listening in class or gossiping about some boyband.
confidence - as long as she is comfortable, I dont like false confidence.
humor - as long as we dont offend each other.
build - aesthetics are relevant, primeval instinct to look for offspring potential.
height - not bothered
money/career - not bothered, ambition is important but not monetary ones.
skill in the bedroom - not bothered, same as confidence.

The one item not listed that I have mentioned that is important to me is; comfort, I think it is very important a person be content with all of the others listed whether they be good or bad, this is a very attractive feature. A person does not have to be the most intelligent, the best educated, the wealthiest, most successful, attractive, sexiest, perfect size 8/10 as long as they are happy with what they are.


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Where's looks?

If looks was there it would be the top of my list.

Build: I sort of picky, so this is important for me.
Humour: I think someone having a good sense humour is extremely important to me, since I love to laugh

Confidence: It's good to be confident and not be down on yourself.

Intelligence: It's important for me to carry a good conversation with her, I don't mind if she's a bit ditz, but if she doesn't know what 2+2 is then we have a problem.

Height: I like shorter girls, but if she's my height of a bit taller it doesn't bother me all that much.

Career/Money: I don't want her to be a bum and sit on the couch all day doing nothing

Values: It's important to have great values, but it's not very, very important to me.

Bedroom Skills: If she's not that great it's not all that important, I just want someone that likes doing it and likes to....(I'll leave your imagination run wild on this one) If you want to take a guess rep me with your answer.


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Look at Bizzy reaching for reps...hilarious. ;)

I'm also sort of surprised "looks" aren't on here...its pretty important! (Not to be a just is). Intelligence and education are kinda similar, but anyways...

Values: I think this is very important. If they dont have the same values as me I find it hard to believe we'd get along that well.

Intelligence: Usually I've dated idiots in the past; which is dumb. I like talking with someone who can have a conversation with me. It doesn't matter what it is or what the topic is.

Confidence: This goes back to the girls being independent thread I made from before. Have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. Prove that you can handle things yourself. Don't overdo it though.

Humor: I love to laugh and I think being able to laugh is important. I dont like talking to a stone face.

Build: I dont want a girl who's ripped, I dont want a whale and I dont want a girl who's a twig either. I like average.

Education: Its important to have a certain level of education. I dont want to be with a high school drop out.

Money/Career: Its important enough because its hard to have a relationship if there's no money. Money isnt everything but damn it, it sure helps sometimes.

Skill in the bedroom: Skill at first isn't important. Maybe she'll improve over time; who knows. As long as she wants to do it its all good.

Height: Basing things on height is dumb.


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  1. Values - I used to say immediately this was the most important. I still feel that way, but less so; as I've been re-evaluating my own long-held beliefs, it's hard to pin the same importance on some of them
  2. Humor - Very important. It's an integral part of my positive interaction with almost anybody. All of my friends have at least a somewhat similar sense of humor with me.
  3. Intelligence - Very important. I don't think I could be in an intimate relationship with someone who wasn't at least somewhat close to my intelligence level
  4. Confidence - This is much like build, to me. If she's too far in either direction, that's a no go.
  5. Build - This is fairly important to me. There's a fairly wide range of builds that I'm okay with, but some builds are pretty much deal breakers for me. And out of the ones that fall within the acceptable range, some are clearly better than others IMO.
  6. Skill in the bedroom - I'm not sure exactly how important this is.
  7. Education - To me, this feels like a less important version of intelligence (assuming we're talking about formal education). As long as she has a decent education (High school equivalent), that's all that matters.
  8. Money/Career - This doesn't really attract me to a person. As long as she isn't a complete slacker, I don't have a problem with it (unless she was a prostitute or something; that'd be a problem)
  9. Height - Don't really care unless she's super tall or super short (there's no set line; I'd taller than 6'2 or shorter than 4'10" - but even then it wouldn't matter that much).

Note - someone who's really bad in a less important category might be worse than someone who's only fairly bad in a more important category.
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This is actually pretty tough for me, because I don't have a set list of what I look for, every case is different and unique as far as I'm concerned. I'll give it a go but this is by no means my universal 'standards'.
  1. humour
  2. values
  3. intelligence
  4. confidence
  5. build
  6. skill in the bedroom
  7. height
  8. money/career
  9. education
I would even go so far as to say that it is, in parts, a redundant list - some of them are completely unimportant, and would have almost no impact on my thoughts.


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It's tough, but I'll give it a shot:

  1. Values - We definitely need to see eye-to-eye on the fundamentals, or no deal. I want to be on the same page.
  2. Intelligence - You could be the most attractive girl alive; if you're stupid, you're a turn-off.
  3. Humour - A relationship without laughter is not a relationship; of course she doesn't have to make me wet myself, but everyone has a sense of humour and it's important that ours match.
  4. Height - Being just under 5'8'' (I think), I can't say I'm very attracted to girls that are more than a couple inches taller than me...
  5. Build - This one is hard to gauge; I don't really know what makes me attracted to one girl and not another, even though they might be built similarly...
  6. Confidence - This one goes lower for me, because as long as she isn't constantly putting herself down or fishing for compliments, I think some shyness and modesty can be very attractive.
  7. Money/Career - Ambition is attractive, but I'd be equally as happy with a stay-at-home woman.
  8. Education - It's not what you know, but how you learn. cf. Intelligence.
  9. Skill in the Bedroom - Any couple that rates each other in terms of "skill" kinda misses the whole point of "intimate relations".
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