For sale: Two bedroom flat, Mars.

We spread, we multiply, we consume and then we spread a little more. It's inevitable we'll some day colonize another planet and take what we can of humanity along with us.

The question is, given the opportunity, could you conceive of leaving our blessed planet for another? Let's say you could never go back. Perhaps your family and friends are left behind on this old rock. Do you feel any meaningful attachment to our planet or would the prospect of change and adventure write your signature on the papers for you?


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If they ever offered the chance to me, I would be packing up all my gear and getting off this ball of rock and see what is realy out there.

I choose the grand new adventure over staying here on earth.

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Yeah, I would pick up and leave. I would like to explore and be one of the first to explore new lands that weren't tainted by any other humans before.


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I have too many attachments right now (with people, not the planet itself). I doubt I would take the opportunity to go to Mars especially with a clause that I could never come back here.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I'd be the first one on the ship, Space colonists. Be the first family on Mars. I know my wife wants to get off this ball of rock too.


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No i wouldnt leave,this "old rock" is like my soul,everything i love is on it,its history makes it unique,form the stone ages till the age of incredible tech.,i am proud and thank god that i am able to live on this "old rock"..
The Earth is yours, General-G, as is your right to use its name. ;) Unless you were being pedantic - in which case the affection of the term flew over your oblivious noggin.

Seems to be a lot of people that would consider leaving though. More than I expected. I wonder how quickly everyday life would start to resemble that of Earth. The same script played out in different scenery. Perhaps the atmosphere and new issues life elsewhere presented might be change enough though. It would definitely be at its most interesting (and dangerous?) in the early years of colonization though.

I wonder if any of us will see such things in our life time.


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If there's another planet out there that has the same kind of natural wonders and wildlife that Earth has, I would leave for sure. A whole new planet to explore, so many possibilities.