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For Fear of Ridicule?


Caressing animals (especially dogs) on the street.

I see many dogs/cats who live on the streets of my city but I get laughed at when I approach to feed them or just play/caress them. People look at me oddly ...and they think that only little kids should play with those dogs. Even my friends think I'm still a kid for wanting to play with homeless animals.
Everyday when I go to work, I see a black dog at my neighborhood. I think she should be taken care of. She feels lonely and no one seems to care about her, but me. She stays near a fast food and I think the owner should feed her but I highly doubt he does. I feel very sorry for her. I sometimes bring her food but I don't do it very often because of the way people look at me.



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I stay away from the Mature Discussion section of the forum for the fear of sounding ridiculous, I know how to bring my point across but I can see myself getting shot down. Public speaking is something I always feared but I have been slowly getting over that but on certain days, I still don't have enough confidence to jump up and speak in front of people. When it comes to class discussions, I am always the one who gets the say first, get my point across and shut the 'know alls' up.


Online: Nothing I can think of.


:+: While I never had a problem wearing clothes... - this one time this old bitty was like "Oh, those pants (cargo) are back in style?" and I was thinking in my mind "Fuck you", but said nothing to her, just smiled - ...I did recently buy a Toy Story t-shirt and have yet to wear it out in public. It's more of a house shirt rather than a wear out in public shirt. I supposein' it could be because I might get ridiculed wearing it. I mean, I am 26. Is that weird?

That's honestly the only thing I can think of at the moment. I have a giant ear-to-ear scar on my neck since I can remember, thus causing me to have a thicker skin in real life due to all the comments I have received over my life time. So, I don't know why I all of the sudden have this fear to NOT wear that shirt out. The mysteries of life... *ponders*

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Anything and everything, it seems like.

Honestly, fear is one of the defining traits in my life. I'm getting better about it, but it's still got a grip on me.

Afraid of public speaking. Afraid to ask a someone on a date. Afraid to risk physical or emotional pain. Afraid to do anything that might be embarrassing. Afraid of disappointing people. Afraid of making stupid mistakes.

How did someone like me end up in the Army? I'm not entirely sure... :dunno: Part of it was me trying to overcome my fears, and it has helped.

One thing I have noticed - the two times in my life where I suddenly faced something (potentially) life threatening, I didn't have that fear. I was actually pretty calm and able to try to think about how to handle the situation.


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Yeah Wade. Those that anticipate they CAN'T deal with those things you listed, usually surprise themselves at how strong they are.


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Join a gym. I would feel stupid next to all the crazy fit people. I'd much rather exercise in the comfort of my own home.
If I ever do pluck up the courage I would join a female gym. I wouldn't want guys laughing at me.


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For the longest time I didn't do a lot of things for fear of ridicule (mostly from my family).

I never did much of anything crazy... I dyed my hair natural colours only, I did what everyone expected of me...

About a year ago, I stopped caring about what everyone was going to say. It's my turn now to do things that I want to do. It's my turn to be happy about what I'm doing. So I dyed my hair bright freakin' orange, which ended up a more natural looking color in the end, but when I first did it... it was BRIGHT and obnoxious and awesome. Next is Orange again, with white tips to make it look like a fox tail when it's in a ponytail. And I decided if no one likes it? I don't care. I like it.

This trip to Australia. My mother is HORRIFIED to tell my family that I'm going? They're going to notice I'm gone. But I'M not worried about what they say. They're all in their 70s and 80s. I'm pretty much over it.


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I have always been afraid of public speaking. All those eyes on you. In college we had this course Comm 3 (public speaking, speech) that you usually take on the first half of your second yr. I avoided it like a plague. I took the course on my last semester of senior year just because I need to take it to graduate. It was scary.

However, I dunno how or why...my first job involved training employees. And daily I spoke to people in public. Then I became a regular trainor. Then I spoke to hundreds. Then I trained trainors on how to give presentations. And they're the most critical audience. I did it. I didn't die. It wasn't that bad after all. :lol: