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rainbow 11!
I found a channel that shows a lot of gay movies. Right now, they have one about sister-in-laws that fall in love. It comes on again tomorrow night at 10. If you have comcast it is channel 159. If not, look for one called Logo. :D
like lesbians? or actually guy on guy shit...cus im not trying to have my dick go so soft it retreats into my body and i never see it again....


rainbow 11!
lmfao It's actual movies. Hello? I'm 15. I don't watch porn/look it up. *Cough.*
*Shifty eyes.*

>.< I take it no one else is excited about this? Well, I guess it helps that I'm gay. lol

Oh well! Maybe someone else will like it. ^^


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Kazmarov said:
I know Logo. I watched their Gay Pride Awards and such. It's better than Lifetime.

I'm pretty sure everything is better than Lifetime. Hell, I'd rather watch two armadillos hump each other than some over-dramatic over-the-top crapfest on Lifetime.


I have to remember to block that channel or something lol, I don't want to be flipping through and get a "wtf" moment