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For anybody that cares


Where is my Queen?
I am back...for now. Oh how I missed you guys.


Registered Member
Good to know. Why did you leave?


Where is my Queen?
I didn't mean to leave, I just had to get my feet back on the ground. It was more personal than anything. I was neglecting the ones that were close to me and I wanted to show them how much I cared. So between going to school full time and working full time, I made time for my friends and family and have been enjoying every minute of it. :)


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that's very good!


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Well, I knew it was either that or you'd been abducted by aliens. :lol:
There was a thread about missing GF members and I was wondering where you and Scissorhands went. Then Scissorhands came back and now you're back and well, welcome back! :D

Next time, please stick a Post It on your profile. I def don't wanna have anymore dreams about being abducted by aliens. :-o