For all of you...


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This is for all the people with courage, with strength, with clarity of vision. It may be a mini-rant, it may be taken wrong. I don't really care. I've got something to say, so interpret it as you wish.

Most people I meet these days are drowning in the sea of whims, in the whirlwind of opinions. All they live for is someone else's approval, for some other person's acknowledgement of their existence. I can't stand these people. I am not one of them. But this piece isn't about them. It's about the other kind of people.

To all the people who can get over other's opinions, to everyone who has the courage to live for themselves and openly seek meaning and happiness and truth, I salute you. I honor you. If I were an architect I would build you the tallest monument, if I were a musician I would create the most violently passionate piece I could, and I would dedicate it to you. However, I am neither of these, so I will give you the only thing I really can: my respect.

A lot is said these days about freedom. Ironically, the people doing most of the talking are part of the chain gain of human acceptance. Freedom is a much simpler thing than most think. It is the ability to act for yourself, and only yourself. Freedom is attained when you finally learn to disregard what others think. It is when your opinion becomes more important to you than theirs.

So for all the people, the heroic, the probably lonely, the real men, I tell you this: you have my respect, my admiration. Even though you do not need it, it is yours.

I would rather die free and alone, than subjected to another's will and in company. I would rather be right than happy, but I do not think I will have to make that choice, as one brings the other.



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I'm not sure if you want a discussion on this, or if you just wanted to get that out that (was there something that prompted this?) but I don't really agree with what you're saying. Some of it, sure. You can't rely so heavily on other people's opinions that your whole world comes crashing down the moment they say something negative about you. But to totally blow people off and try to be right all the time?
You could do that, if you were perfect, and no one is.
It's a part of growing up that wiser people than yourself point out your mistakes. And to try and be right all the time is to come off as arrogant. This world is populated by millions of people and if you ever want to get somewhere you're gonna have to learn humility and when to back down. You can't always be right, you can't always do things by yourself and you usually need someone in your life either to teach you things or to get you somewhere.

and the "ability to act for yourself, and only yourself" i don't think is the exact definition of freedom. sounds more like selfishness. of course, that may just be your definition of freedom, which is totally fine cause we obviously all have our own opinion of what a term means. But the basic dictionary definition of freedom is "the power to determine action without restraint"

and i wrote this up pretty fast so if i missed something or something doesn't make sense feel free to tell me (as if i needed to tell you that..)


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You can think whatever you wish. And obviously others can point out your mistakes, and if it was there the intelligent person would see the truth in the statements.

I don't intend to complement straight arrogance, but the people with the fortitude to live rationally.


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well said, too many people must "fit in". i was once like that until i realized i didn't like who i was. once i began doing things for me first and others second i felt better. kudos to you for starting this thread and opening up to a mass group.


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I agree well said Corona..I call those people "Lemmings" and I am definitely not one of the Lemmings.

It's nice to have fellow free thinkers here at GF..I am so sick and tired of the Lemming mentality.

If "Abercrombie and Finch" announced that it wasn't cool to breathe 87% of the teen population would die from asphyxiation with in minuets of the Announcement and the other 13% would laugh their asses off.

Don't be a lemming...


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I try my best to not be a "lemming" but it can be hard at times. However, I'm pretty sure my relationship is doing as good as it is because I'm not pretending to be someone anymore.

Sometimes you fit in because it's convenient or helps you get by. As long as you don't live by conformity, I don't see a problem with abusing it once in awhile.