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Registered Member
Who here likes football? I really like football. My favorite teams are The St. Louis Rams and The Denver Broncos. But my hometeam is the St. Louis Rams I know it's sad lol.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I'm interested in American Football. My dad used to watch it sometimes in the house, and his interest for it passed onto me. I haven't really see any matches on TV though, I don't think we can get the sports channels anymore....


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love to watch football, my favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles. It's a damn shame about the Terrell Owens saga because I really love the guy, he's an amazing athleted probably the best wide receiver in the league. Did you guys here that the NFL might go on strike.


My teams the steelers. THey work so hard every year, they deserved the super bowl championship this year.


Registered Member
Lol I think the Rams will be pretty good this year. What do you guys think if the Broncos get TO this year? You think he will ruin there team or make it better?


i love football...my favorite team is the Steelers...n about TO...u never no but wen hes on a team they r better but he gives the team a hard time


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Lol what's with all the people coming out now saying they are steelers fans? But I'm still going with my rams. :p


I love football. my fav football team is denver broncos but my fav player is Chad Johnson.