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aka Soccer.

Anyone watch it on here? I've have been a fan for ages, since I was born. I started playing it since I was three years old, and eleven years later, I still do. This is a very addictive sport, I also love watching it and going to the games, going to the games is such a blast, the atmosphere and all that excitement.


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I had always enjoyed watching the World Cup, but now I really like watching European club soccer too. I don't care about the MLS as much, but I've been to a couple Chicago Fire games. Saw the Fire play Celtic, the champions of Scotland. And went to the MLS All-Star game last year against Chelsea from the English Premier League.


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I watch but I normally follow big name teams like Barcelona, ManU, Arsenal and of cousre Real Madrid because my favorite player Robinho plays for them.


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Goddamn Glory Hunter.

But hey. I am a Manchester United fan myself.


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Alert! A blue blooded Chelsea fan has entered the thread!
All Manchester fans run for your lives!
lol :p just kidding,I really enjoy watching the English and Champions leage.
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