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I don't follow a lot of Soccer so this isn't really my field. So this question is for Soccer followers. If someone ask you who do you think is a Football(Soccer) god what's the first name that come to mind and why? My pick as to go towards Ronaldo because what he's done during is career is amazing. Including beating Pele's all time scoring record in World Cup history.

Please don't make this a Bias choice.
Zinedine Zidane .. recent history .. Pele, Maradona past .. all of them not only excelled in skills & poetic fluidity, but brought whole teams together to act as one unassailable force ..


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arghh.... the word soccer makes my ears bleed. but ill let it slide.

i don't think there is a such thing as a soccer god. there are guys who are great at thier positions, but otherwise there is no all-round freak that is above the rest at everything.


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Sinisa Mihajlovic, the best Free-Kick taker in the world.

Zidane and Stankovic come second.

Ronaldhino is playing shite at the moment..


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Zinedine Zidane always comes into my mind. Hardly ever follow soccer but he pops into my head all the time so I'll go with him.