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PC Games Football manager 2011


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I can't believe this thread is not already opened because this game is so popular and I know many people who play it.

I'm a football managers fan for many years. I started to play this genre of games in 2003. I think that all of us who like this kind of games remember Championship Manager 03/04, it's a classic. :)

But now, Football manager evolved, there is so much new things and possibilities in the game. It's a great football managerial simulation, so close to the reality. Some say that the game is now too complicated but I don't agree, I like realism which is now really on the high level.

Have you played FM 2011? What do you think about the game?
Pros and cons?
Which is your favorite team to play in FM series?
How are you getting on with your team?

A few days ago I started a new career with my favourite team Rijeka. It's really hard to win something with weaker clubs with lower reputation but I will do my best :D
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I was meant to open this a long time ago but this being a non-football forum, I didn't.

Glad to see that someone also plays it because I gotta share my excitement :D

I preferred the 2010 version better because it was so simple.


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Yes, I must admit I have also noticed that there is a lack of interest for football and for games related with football on this forum. It's a shame because I'm a big fan. But I'm also glad to see that there is someone who is also excited with this type of games so that we could exchange some experiences :)

I played 2010 version, it's also very good.
I played one long career. I started with my favourite club Rijeka and I was playing 5 seasons, then I went to Wigan Atletic and in the end I went to Manchester United and I played until season 2025/2026 he-he.

I won Croatian First Division with Rijeka a few times, FA cup with Wigan, and Champions League and Premiership a few times with Manchester United. It has been a great career. I hope that new career in FM 2011 will also be so good, because I'm really addicted to that games. :D
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I play out of the park baseball, and I've heard a lot of good things about football manager over on their boards.
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