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Fool's Garden


Creeping On You
Have anyone of you guys heard of this band. As far as I know, they're from Germany I think. However they sing in english. I don't really know what genre to classify their music as. All I know, is I like them alot. They're music is... unique and refreshing. The first I heard of them was a few years back on my friends radio in her car. It was Yellow Lemon Tree. The lyrics themselves were intriguing and the style of instrument backing was also amusing and enjoyable.

I downloaded the discography just last year, and found quite a few more gem's of songs. I can always tell its a Fools Garden song when it comes up on my iPod while at work lol

Anyways, here's a few youtube links.

Yellow Lemon Tree
YouTube - Lemon Tree - Fools Garden

YouTube - Fools garden - Rainy day

YouTube - Fools Garden - Probably

YouTube - Fool´s Garden - Closer


Well-Known Member
This is going to sound really stupid, but they're way to positive for me to enjoy. It's like that annoyingly happy person that you just want to punch in the FACE, only in music.


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I remember them, I have heard nothing of them in maybe a year or more, but they were popular here a few years ago.