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Food that makes you gag


Registered Member
Like Alisa said, it's mostly the texture. If I'm eating something plain, like some chicken or some pasta or something, and I taste something slimy like a vegetable, I can come close to gagging.


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dill pickles make me gag. other varieties have not been confirmed. Some things like Kim-chee, while being pickled, are even appetizing to me.


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Mayonnaise, butter.

Also, a few other people said kidney. I'm with you on that!
I don't eat meat anyway so obviously it disgusts me, but my mum sometimes makes steak and kidney pie, and the SMELL when she's cooking the kidney makes me sick. It's so horrible and distinct; cannot even imagine what it tastes like. :\


"Expect the unexpected"
I going to say..........oysters and some types of cheese.


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I have such an horrible phobia of ketchup. Like it’s bad. I refuse to touch the bottle, I will find some other method to move it or pick it up. I gag at the smell, the texture, taste, everything. Even the look of it is gross. If it gets on me, all I can smell is that gross smell on me. I have cried because someone has “jokingly” put it on my arm, more than once.


Embrace the Suck
Hard boiled eggs. I also don’t like foods like lunch meats that aren’t very fresh.