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Food that makes you gag


Registered Member
Tomatoes made me gag, in the raw state by them self I still have a hard time getting them down. Funny thing, when I went to culinary school I had to go and get hypnotized so I could tolerate them and not let the instructors now loathed them. One of my favorite sandwiches is smoked turkey,blue cheese, pesto, and sundered tomatoes on pumpernickel, I love sundered tomatoes, go figure


Lion Rampant
The three foods that literally make me gag are boiled greens, stewed tomatoes, and undercooked steak with any bit of that cadaverous, bloody pink rawness to it that most everybody else goes ape over. :barf:


Sally Twit
Curry. I hate the smell, the taste and the way it makes your hair and clothes smell when you stand near it being cooked.


I'm serious
and undercooked steak with any bit of that cadaverous, bloody pink rawness to it that most everybody else goes ape over. :barf:
I don't see a future friendship for us Tucker. We could never even go to a restaurant together as you would gag when you see how raw I eat my meat. :lol:

Anything intestinal makes me gag - liver, kidney, etc. Also marzipan don't know why, but even the smell of marzipan triggers my gag reflex. Bluegh! :barf:


It's not me, it's you.
Any kind of meat that has fat or gristle on it. Especially if I don't see it and it goes in my mouth. So gross.

Lunchmeat too. It has strips of fat in it and looks completely gross. I have to cook a turkey breast myself to get turkey sammiches. lol


Registered Member
Durian makes me gag! It smells so bad. My parents love it. Whenever they buy durian I have to leave the house. Even Andrew Zimmern (Bizzare Foods) couldn't handle it.


Baked beans, lima beans, cooked cabbage. I would say those three are the ones that make me gag on sight. I absolutely hate them.


Living on the 0th floor
Any food that is wet makes me gag.. Bread is a really bad one for that. Ew >.>

Olives definitely do.. I don't even taste them before I start gagging and have to spit them out.

The worst is anything that has a smooth texture and random chunks.. Jello with chunks of fruit in it, yogurt with chunks of fruit.. I just can't handle that, the instant one of the fruit chunks touch my mouth, I am done for.. Eww and the layer that gets on top off pudding/custard. EW...

I could go on forever. I am so picky with food, especially the texture of food.