Food that makes you gag


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Is there any food items or food related that makes you gag when you see it, touch it or eat it?

For me when I see wet bread or touch wet bread it makes me gag, just typing it makes me gag.

Another thing is when I am about to put milk in my cereal bowl and the milk is frozen, makes me gag to the max.


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Bananas. The smell makes me wanna vomit. Ever since I was a little kid. Don't know what it is about them.

Sauerkraut. I can't stand it. Its just plain gross.


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ewww wet bread!:barf:

Since I've had my little girl, I cannot smell raw poultry or beef; anything tomato-based that's cold...(like spaghetti sauce, curry sauce, catsup, baked beans, etc.); wet peanutbutter...(when you're rinsing it off before you put it in the dishwasher); tuna and mayo mixed together in a bowl and warm beer that's been sitting in a cup makes me gag.
Keep in mind, I'm okay eating all this stuff when it's cooked or eaten right away when it's cold (depending on what it is). :)
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Mushrooms, olives, raw meat, weird meats, moldy cheeses, and many more.

And eeewwww to wet bread!! Unless I dip it in soup or oil.


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I'll eat almost anything but i've come across a few things over the years that are just, bleugh....

Marmite!!! Supposedly you either love it or you hate it and i absolutely DESPISE it!!! Olives, ugh... if there are a couple of olives thrown in to the most delicious pasta dish in the world i'm throwin the wholw thing out. Celery, awful stuff. bad cooked and even worse raw. oh and beetroot!! had to open a jar for this girl who loves beetroot once and i got the juice all over my hand and was gagging for about an hour :p


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The taste of nori makes me feel ill.
I also don't really like lima beans, but they don't make me gag. If they're in a salad or something, I can choke them down.


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That's pretty much everything for me these days. I wish I was being sarcastic, but it's really getting bad. My favorite foods are becoming inedible to me now because I can't even get past the gag reflex. Even the slightest of imperfection/variation in them will trigger the reflex. T_T

Anything wet will trigger it, though. That's just a big issue. In fact if I see that there's moisture on the plate from what I'm eating, I'll have a hard time eating it after that... D: