Food stamps scam in bottle deposit state.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Bangor food stamp scam dumps water for deposit - Bangor Daily News

After purchasing a reported 20 24-packs of bottled water, on sale that week for $2.99 a case before taxes and redemption fees were added, the men went behind the store to the loading dock and poured the contents of each bottle on the ground. Shortly thereafter, a reporter also witnessed the pair wheel their shopping cart into the vestibule of the store, feed the 480 bottles into a redemption machine and claim their cash value at the customer service counter.
They didn't want the food stamps so they got the bottle redemption fee so they could get cash? What the hell could they have wanted so bad that they'd give up $80ish worth of food for $24 cash?

I hate people who abuse the system like this.