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Discuss Food Delivery Service?


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One thing I've always been weird about is food delivery. I've always had a preference for doing carryout.

These days there are services that will deliver anything to your door even if the restaurant you order from doesn't deliver.

I guess I don't like being obligated to give a tip for delivery. I know it's rude not to since those guys are always underpaid and have to use their own cars. It's always cheaper to just drive wherever I'm wanting to get food and buy it there.

Who uses food delivery? Who prefers not to?


Registered Member
I've never used food delivery before.

The thing is, I enjoy going out to eat when I can afford it. I just don't think me eating a meal from a restaurant at my home would be much of a treat, for me anyway.


not a plastic bag
On the other side, I just signed up for door dash with my 13 year old kid. We split the money. She's saving for a special machine she wants. We do it about an hour a day.
I love it. Average about $20/hr. It's just a lot of fun family time.


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It's not bad, been using Uber Eats for a year or so since moving to the new home, its has its ups and downs but for the most part its been convenient as hecc. I have stated to notice the quality of driver and care for the food has gone downhill in the past couple weeks, leading me to start cooking at home again. I'm sorry, but the fees tacked on for a meal for two to round out to $30+ dollars is insance, especially when it can take up to an hour to arrive and items can be forgotten.


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I use uber eats. We don't have a tipping culture here but when I've ordered during the confinement I gave them big tips. I don't have a car and sometimes I crave for meals but can't really easily go to that place (or too tired to do a trip).


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I use Skip the Dishes. I love that the option is available, but man, do they ever charge an arm and a leg on some of their delivery fees.


Son of Liberty
I use door dash from time to time. It can be a little pricey, but I do like the convenience of having food delivered.