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Food craving dilemma

So I have been lucky to not have many food cravings but the one thing i crave is cheeto's torciditos chile y limon chips.

the bag looks like this

this things are so amazing!! they are spicy like full of spices not hot and are mostly lime with a hint of actual chili flavor. Here is my problem..... THEY DONT MAKE THEM ANYMORE!!! at least... i can't find them anywhere and they aren't even on the website :(

so my question has two parts.... does anyone know of where i could find these or if the other chile limon ones are comparable?

and has anyone had a problem like this? where they were craving a food they just could not ever have again due to its being discontinued? I've also experienced this with mexinuggets..... the tater tots taco bell used to have.


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I was expecting some really weird food combinations when I clicked this thread coming from a pregnant woman.

I don't so much have the problem of food being discontinued, as visiting somewhere and eating a food that's really amazing that isn't made the same elsewhere.


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Tostitos discontinued my favorite salsa several years ago. I can't think of any others, but I know it's happened to me several times. It's really frustrating.


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I remember when they discontinued Cadbury's Snowflakes. Like regular flakes but with white chocolate in the middle. They came out when I was 10 years old and my friend at school used to eat multiple a day every lunchtime. They were soo good.

Actually, I'm not sure they were even formally discontinued, I just remember suddenly never seeing them around again. Maybe they were limited edition.

Also I have no idea where you can find your Cheetos. Ebay? :lol:
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