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Food Challenges


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I've been watching a decent amount of Man vs Food lately which gave me an idea for this thread. For those of you who don't know, Man vs Food is a tv series about a man who travels around America taking on various restaurants food challenges. Sometimes its eating a ridiculous amount of food, sometimes it's time challenges and others it's eating really spicy food.

So the question is, if you owned a restaurant and were going to create a food challenge, what would it be? What would you award if someone finished it?

For me, i'd probably create some sort of time challenge. Like, taking a simple burger and making it that you had to eat say...15 in 30 minutes. Either that or i'd have ridiculously large burger that someone had to chomp their way through in an hour. As for awards for finishing...the standard you get the meal free and your photo on the wall with all the other winners.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I would offer a 28 oz steak with a extra large baked potato and salad. If they could eat it all in one hour they wouldn't have to pay for it. Regular bowl of really hot chili would be another idea, if they could eat it without drinking any water.


Problematic Shitlord
I'd definitely go spicy. Man Vs. Food had a good one where the challenge also included waiting five minutes after you finished the wings before cleaning up, meaning you had to wait while the sauce burned your fingers and lips.

I would definitely do some insanely spicy challenge with no refreshment offered. Not until they win anyways.


yellow 4!
I would do a dessert one and pretend I'm Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. >:)

Chocolate cake the size of........... well, I've been trying to think of something big and round but I'm sure you can imagine what a huge cake looks like....

No time limits but it would have to be gooey and sickly. You can have a t-shirt if you finish it.


I think about this all the time while I'm at work. Sometimes when I am cleaning out the chilli flakes or something, I notice people have dropped feta cubes in there, and they get completely covered in chilli. I often think about having some sort of comp to eat something that's hard to eat like that. Like "How many feta cubes covered in chilli can you eat in a row". This is HOT chilli too. We also have a lot of really strong foods like gorgonzola. I'd like to see how much of that someone could eat.