Food Allergies


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Do any of you suffer from food allergies? Do you still indulge in the food that makes you sick, or do you steer clear of them altogether?

I don't myself, but some of my family are allergic to dairy including eggs, and alot of additives that are in most foods. I have a friend who is allergic to wheat too, but every now and then she'll indulge in eating it.
No, I don't have any food allergies as far as I'm aware. I am allergic to champagne though. (I don't know if 'allergic' is the right word for that, all I know is I have a bad reaction to it).

But no, no food.


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No I don't have an food allergies that I know of. I'm glad I don't.

My friend has an allergy to nuts and she goes crazy when I buy a sweet that has a nut in it and I wanna eat it when we are walking down the street, she asks me not to eat it. It's not like I'm gonna be shoving it down her throat. :stare:


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I haven't found any food to which I've had an allergic reaction. My mother in law cannot have regular milk, she only takes soya based now. When she visits, I'm careful with my food preparations like when I add fresh cream on food.
banana's lol no joke they send me into anaphlatic shock (spelling i know whatever)

its so bad that i cant even kiss someone whos eatin one lol had a bad experience with that never again. i wish i could have one but yeah no i prefer breathing.

the weird part is that id never heard of anyone else with the same allergy as me then i recently met a girl who was as bad as i am and she said she could eat baked banana chips. ill have to try it sometime....... preferably out front of an emergency room.... just to be on the safe side


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its so bad that i cant even kiss someone whos eatin one lol had a bad experience with that never again.
I am the same way except with Bleu Cheese. I am extreeeemely allergic to bleu cheese. There is also some additive in some cakes that I can't eat, but that only gives me the hives.
I can't drink a lot of dark colored drinks. Pepsi and most all dark alcohol give me a bad allergic reaction.

And I am lactose intolerant.


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Gherkins, i think. I ordered a plain burger once but the guy gave me a proper one; i took a bite, tasted gherkin and felt my throat trying to close-just the smell alone makes my throat want to close :/

I dread to think what would happen if i accidently ate one :sick:


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Nope, at least I don't think I do.

Sometimes when I drink Banana Big M. It makes me sick so that could be it.


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Only pork chop nerds have food allergies.
Haa just kidding, food allergies suck.
I don't have any but getting sick in general sucks so if its because of
food it sucks a bazillion times more. Lol