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Foie gras and animal cruelty


Registered Member
Im not an animal activist but I read this article and it really set me off.
Foie gras is supposed to be seasonal. Its normal that ducks and geese eat so much in the fall that they get huge and their livers enlarge. Thats why people wait till fall to hunt them.
But so many people want foie gras that they have farms that raise ducks and geese only for that. But its all about how they do it. Forced feeding. It seriously damages the fowl and lots of them die and how they do it is wrong on so many levels.
Its considered so inhumane that its illegal in 16 countries and also in California. I hope they make it illegal in Russia too and in the other states in the US.
Foie Gras: Delicacy of Despair | Ducks and Geese Used for Food | Factory Farming: Cruelty to Animals | The Issues | PETA

So I have some questions.

1. Have you ever had foie gras?
2. Have you ever made (or helped to make) foie gras in the fall?
3. Would you eat natural foie gras?
4. Would you eat packaged foie gras?

I will start with my own answers.

1. Yes Ive had foie gras.
2. Yeah Ive helped make foie gras in the fall.
3. Yes but only if its natural.
4. No way. I may have eaten packaged foie gras but I didnt know how they made it.



Free Spirit
Staff member
I've never had foie gras and don't want it natural or otherwise because it encourages people to pen them birds up and force feed them. What they are doing is animal cruelty and should be outlawed everywhere.

I have no problem raising animals for food but don't torture them.


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Thats how I feel about it too. It should never be sold in stores or in restaurants or anywhere else. People that like to hunt ducks in the fall will get at least one pink foie gras duck liver anyway. Its just a bonus for people that hunt.