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This thread is basically geared towards parents, but anyone who thinks it's relevent can reply.

When your children are at home (particularly toddlers and younger) I'm assuming that most of the time you busy with them.
During the day when they are with you, the chores unfortunately don't get done on their own.
How do you accomplish all the chores? Or do you just focus on certain chores every day? If so, which chores do you do the most on any given day?


i don't have kids. but i do the house chores on weekends.
i clean my room and clean the house. it takes me 7 hours to do all that. sometimes when i don't have time i call a woman who does it all for me.


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I have yet to become a father but I always do my chores either on Friday after school or Saturday usually. I play at church on Sundays and as of this moment football season is gearing up so I want to have them done by then.


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I do whatever needs the most attention at any given time, either while my daughter is keeping herself busy or after she goes to bed. she's old enough now to "help" me with some of the chores like laundry. The only chore I do every single day is the dishes, because I can't stand having dirty dishes in the sink.


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I focus mostly on the kitchen and tidying up. The rest of the chores get lagged behind till either my girls are not around or my husband's at home to keep them busy.


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Things have a got lot easier around my household now the little wrecking ball is at nursery 3 hours everyday, it gives there mum time to herself and time to do chores like hoovering and laundry.

Before that he would try and 'help', walking around with one of us holding the hoover tube or passing one item of laundry to him so he could put it into the dryer, of course this would backfire every so often and something that should not be in there would get hidden in the clothes, the last item was the cordless house phone.

Anything that will take any amount of time is left untill I get home, so one of us can get on with it while the other entertains the kids.

The washing up is done straight after meals.

I did actually let the two youngest help me with the washing up about 6 weeks ago, total disaster that ended up with most of the water on the floor and two very wet kids.

Anything that is not done during the week is finished off saturday mornings when the kids watch a movie in the morning, either myself or there mum will run around like a headless chicken getting everything straightened up.
Of course they then come down and within 5 seconds the wrecking ball and his sister have emptied the toybox so the living room looks like a bomb site again.


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Of course they then come down and within 5 seconds the wrecking ball and his sister have emptied the toybox so the living room looks like a bomb site again.
I always wonder if it's worth the trouble. Clearing up the living room from all the strewn toys everywhere, when 5 seconds later it returns to its normal state.
So I leave it be, and then I get these pangs of guilt or whatever and after they are in bed I make it look decent again.

When it comes to laundry, I try and do a few loads once a week, or if there's a whole load I spread it over 2 days. I get my daughter to help by pulling out the wet clothes from the finished round and push the basket to the hanging area. Then she plays with the empty basket, like a boat or some such.. :)