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How ofter do you fly? (in a plane of course)

I travel alot, for work and to go back home and see parents a few times a year, so I would say on average for me about 6-8 times a year I travel.


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No where near as often as I would like. I like flying to new places and doing things and I actually don't mind the flight itself either.


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I love flying. At least once a year, I fly out to an out of country destination (leisure trips). I'd do it more often if only I could have as much spare time to travel a lot, and also the budget.


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I never fly :( So that means I haven't been around much either. I have traveled, but that has always been by car, train or bus. So the first time I flew was last year actually. I lost my hearing :-/ So maybe that's a sign. Stay home!