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Flying A Kite


Registered Member
A simple basic question really, can you fly a kite? It looks easy enough, but it really takes some effort, and if you flub up, you might not only wreck your kite for good, but you might also embarrass your ass in front of a whole lot of strangers :lol: The wind has to be good, we know this. But it takes a certain technique to get that puppy started into the air, and then to stay in the air once it has reached it's height goal. Then you have to control it from below, sometimes running to keep it flying. It doesn't even really look like a fun 'sport' to me. And once the kite comes crashing down, the fun is over anyway, you really don't feel like trying it again. I can't fly a kite very well, how about you? And have you ever been pissed at someone, and tell them to "go fly a fucking kite?" :lol:


Sally Twit
This is something I've never done and it's quite sad when I think about it. When I was younger that was not something kids would do. We would stay home and play computer games or ride on our bikes.