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Flyin' Brian


Registered Member
Not sure if anyone here remembers a wrestler that went by the name Flyin' Brian......his name was Brian Pillman??
When my boys were younger, he was one of their favorites...they loved to watch him get on those top ropes and fly off.
He came to the big college close to us one year, of course this has been awhile back, Pillman has passed away now.....but my sons were about 6 and 8.
We saw the team Doom......plus a few other no names.
Brian went 'backstage' and my youngest son wanted to meet him and get his autograph so bad.....so, I went with him, and we walked up to the entrance where Brian was behind and 2 beefy dudes said no one admitted.
About that time, someone opened the door, and Brian saw my son......he said Hi and asked my son how he was and what he wanted.
My son asked for his autograph.
Brian asked for our ticket stubs, and I gave them to him and he signed all of the stubs, and on my son's he wrote "Good Luck in Life".
That night, we got some awesome pictures, and we took the photos and autographs home and I had them framed for my son.
That was almost 20 years ago.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yes, everyone remembers Brian Pillman. He was a tremendous wrestler and it's a shame that he passed away at such a young age. He got trained in the Hart Dungeon by Stu Hart. Brian Pillman had many great matches, and he could of became World Champion one day in my opinion.


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The guy was awesome I loved his Loose Cannon gimmick which in my opinion could have gone on to be better than Stone Cold's character.


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It's good to see Pillman had a lot of fans.
I enjoyed watching him too.....in fact, I had just as much fun watching the wrestling matches as much as my sons did :)
I remember what a shock it was to hear of his passing~


Where is my Queen?
He was a great talent that died at a young age. I don't know if the WWE will make a dvd for him, but they should, he left his imprint in wrestling and maybe one day he will be inducted in the hall of fame.
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