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Fly Computer


Registered Member
No, not a "fly" computer like you'd see being talked about in an old episode of the Prince of Bel Air, but a device that is encased in a pen and works via applying the pen to a special sheet of paper (fly paper of course) with sensor nodes or something like that embedded on them. It reads what you've written and transfers the message to the pen.

Right now they're just being marketed to high school kids from the look of it and they are limited in capabilities, but it's pretty amazing stuff when you think about other uses it could put to. The website is very good too -- although sometimes that one girl is annoyingly slow -- apparently with usability studies it took kids 5 minutes on average to figure out how to use the pen without being told how.

Only about $100 US .... what's the odds this is going to replace other devices for scheduling, an instant calculator, playing games, notepad, translation on the "fly", etc. on the run???



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Staff member
Wow, I just watched the demo of the calculator. That's awesome. I know exactly how it works too. It's a really cool idea and I wouldn't be surprised to see this really take off.

Heck, I'd want one just to mess around with. :)


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Yea i have seen these in walmarts and such, the fly pen. I was about tempted to buy one just because it was awesome. They are actualy 40.00 at walmart check it out.


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on the wal-mart website they are $99. I would have to go into the store and see if they are any cheaper there. I just played with the demo myself and that is waaaaay cool! I agree with Andrew, these things are really going to take off. I want one to play with too! LOL