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Florist Refuses to deliver flowers to Soldiers wife


Registered Member
I got this email from a friend from the town I used to live in. I could not bleive this when I read it, but then I thought about the men who run that place and they think they are better than everyone else anyway! This just really makes me mad! I looked for a email address to express my distaste in what they did, but of course they do not have one!!

Anyone who knows me very well, knows my "flaming pen" when I get mad . . . . . . .

Tuesday was mine and Paul's wedding anniversary. He has had a very hectic schedule in Iraq for the past few weeks, but he made time to go to FTD's website and order flowers for me to be delivered on our "day." When I talked to him last night, he was really excited to hear how I like my flowers. . . .but no flowers ever came. He asked me to find out what the problem was, because he is so stretched for time. So I called FTD's 800 phone number to find out what went wrong.

I was told that the only FTD florist in Amory refused to deliver the flowers to me, all the way to Smithville, (the whopping 10 miles!) for the price that FTD listed on their website. I didn't even get a call to see if I wanted to pick them up AT the florist, instead. So I started calling florists in Amory to find out who was an FTD florist. It was Green's Blossom Shop. I have used them several times before for funeral arrangements, but never again. When I called Amory Flower Shop and inquired whether they were FTD or not, the lady told me, that no, they were Teleflora. So I explained to her what happened, and that I wanted to find out which florist refused to deliver a soldier's anniversary bouquet to his wife. She offered to bring me a "free" bouquet to make up for some one else's bad behavior, just to thank my husband for his service. I told her thank you, but not to worry about it. It is the thought that counts anyway. That I appreciated the offer. And I would remember their kind offer in the future.

So. . . . . . . . . . . next time you need flowers in the Amory area . . . . . . . . use your own judgment.

Becky Bedford