Florida's LB Brandon Spikes suspended...

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by Vincent_Valentine, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Vincent_Valentine

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    for half of a game.

    Source: Florida Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes suspended for first half - ESPN

    So lemme get this straight. LaGarrett Blount throws a punch and is gone for a whole year. Dez Bryant does something that he is allowed to do, but because of how arbitrary NCAA rules are he lies out of fear, and he's gone for a year. Meanwhile, Brandon Spikes shoves his hand in another players facemask and tries to gouge his eyes out, and he get's benched for the first half against Vanderbilt?

    YouTube - Brandon Spikes Eye Gouge

    The guy is treating Ealey's face like a keyboard, and the SEC just has Urban Meyer do what he feels is right, which is being benched for half a game. Between this and all the horrible officiating calls in the SEC, it seems like they are not only trying to rig it so that Florida goes undefeated, but they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

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    I can't believe he only got half a game for that. I mean, that's at least as bad as when Robert Reynolds was suspended for a game for choking someone.

    Seems like every conference is doing everything it can for their title contenders. The SEC wants Florida and Bama to run the table. Big Ten wants Iowa. And Big 12 wants Texas. They're all getting ridiculous officiating in their favor the past few weeks.

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