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Florida Panthers fire head coach Kevin Dineen


Sultan of Swat
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http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/h ... e15345721/

Well, that didn't take long. Some times, I have no problem when the coach gets fired when the team is struggling. But, this is not one of those cases. The Panthers have a bad hockey club, another coach will not change their losing ways. I personally, don't agree with this firing..


The return shall be legenday!
There was no doubt that once the fans started to not show up for home games that it was inevitable that the team was going to have to do something in order to try and get the attendance back up,it was recorded that there was less then 2100 fans in attendance at one of the last home games


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They said they are about to make a few moves. Only one move makes sense. Seattle or Quebec.

I flicked on the game the other night when they were playing the Oilers and I couldn't not watch the game. Announced 62.5% attendance but the arena was dead, boring... all you could hear was pucks hitting sticks, skates on ice and players yelling. Zero atmosphere.