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Florida herpes-infected feral monkeys


Free Spirit
Staff member
A colony of rhesus monkeys that was established in Florida’s Silver River State Park in 1938 has been declared a public health hazard after the majority of its members tested positive for the Herpes B virus.

Florida overrun with herpes-infected feral monkeys | The Raw Story
They were brought here by a tour boat operator to enhance his Jungle Cruise tours. Maybe if they hadn't learned to swim so they couldn't migrate into communities this would be no problem. The type of herpes these monkeys have, while it doesn't hurt them, will make a human extremely ill or cause death. If your in Florida I would avoid all contact with them.

I'm not sure what should be done about them but we don't need this type of herpes getting started here. I wish people would stop bringing animals like this here and turning them loose. I also have concerns about this type of herpes being spread to other animals like your pets. You know how dogs are they will drag in anything that is dead.

Have any ideas what can be done about them? Do you think them having this strain of herpes will endanger humans eventually?