Do you ever find yourself flirting with someone if it means it will encourage the person to do something you want?
For example, when I have male clients sitting at my desk, I find that I treat them differently than the females. I'm not even sure I'd go so far as to call it flirting, but more of a smile of encouragement, and a "come on why would you walk out without signing the papers?"

On the flip side, how do you react when someone is flirting with you? I've been amusing myself lately with the shock factor.
I had someone in yesterday and it was obvious he was flirting. When he asked if he had seen me at a certain club last week I told him "no, my grandson cries all night and I'm too tired to go out anymore":lol: (the baby doesn't actually live with me, but the client didn't have to know that) I think it's amusing to floor people with harmless, and unexpected revelations about yourself, just to gauge their reactions.


Son of Liberty
Yes I find myself flirting and not always just to encourage something I want and it's flattering when someone is flirting back with me. I keep telling myself I need to cut it out but I haven't been able to.:lol:


yeah i giggle inside when i get certain surprised reactions from the other person.
it makes them more curious about you as they find out they were kind of wrong for something they thought about you and when you say totally the opposite it leaves them speechless while you become more


Babeasaurus Sex
I got asked out for a drink after work once by a client and I politely smiled and said "no sorry it's my turn to GM tonight for my roleplaying group" he came back about four times to keep talking to me and just kept saying "you just don't look like a roleplayer" As if they have a certain look :rolleyes:

Ahh I love flirting and being flirted with :)

It's completely harmless.

I also love it when my partner is flirted with. It just makes me sort of proud....



Son of Liberty
Do you ever find yourself flirting with someone if it means it will encourage the person to do something you want?
I dont flirt on purpose with females (yes grasp your chairs I just clarified Females), however there is a starbucks next to my old college in the middle of Fresno's "Tower District". Now I dont know how the Tower Districts work in your guys' towns but in Fresno, the population of our Tower District is 90% gay. In this starbucks I have gone out of my way to strike up flirtatious conversation with the salesmen behind the counter for his Employee discount on my Macchiatto.

Kim jokingly calls me a horrible person for it, asks me how I sleep at night to which I answer with "like a naive baby". Hey ya never know maybe I made that dudes day by returning a flirt volley. I never initiate it myself, no way in hell would I but its definitley not beneath me to capitolize on an opportunity to save a buck. My luck it'd be the one straight dude that I would initiate with and he'd double charge me and hawk a loogie in my drink while scribbling X'd out Penises on my Cup with a sharpie.

But yeah... females, I dont purposely flirt with. Kim says I do but I swear its absolutely non-intentional. I'm nice to people in general, if you ask me "how are you" I'll ask it back. Thats how I was raised, you return kindness with kindness and you'll get whats coming to you for your actions.

On the flip side... I've been flirted with and never known it. My mom would catch it, Kim catches it... but I am completely oblivious to being flirted with by other females. I knew Kim was when I first met her... but thats cause I cranked it up big time for her the first time we met :hah: The reason I can tell when a guy is flirting is 'cause obviously thats something I know... being a guy you know how straight guy on guy conversations should go.

damn... I am a bad person arent I :hah: fortunately I'm out of school now so no more flirting with the starbucks guys :rofl:


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yes, I've done it when I need to get work done and it's the only way.

Other times, people think I'm flirting when I'm not. And there are times, people are flirting with me and I'm oblivious. Most often, I just classify some acts as "being friendly".