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Flexible phone made from electronic paper to debut


aka ginger warlock
Source - BBC.co.uk

A prototype flexible smartphone made of electronic paper has been created by Canadian researchers.
The PaperPhone can do all the things bulkier smartphones can do such as make and take calls, send messages, play music or display e-books.
This does look like an amazing piece of technology and one that I am sure will take off. I would be very interested in trying this and seeing what it is like but one thing struck me when reading about it. Phones no matter how small they are getting are bulky objects. Same with e-readers and part of the reason you know they are gone is because you either hear them drop or you don't feel them in your pocket but with something like this I doubt you would notice! If for instance you pulled out a train ticket and accidentally pulled it out at the same time and you didn't notice it you could theoretically pull it out and drop it without noticing, that would worry me...