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Fleet Foxes anyone?


Registered Member
Well i looooooooove Fleet Foxes, and they have released the release date of the release of their brand new release called 'Heplessness Blues'

and I am very very excited. My balls are tingling already.

If you haven't already heard Fleet Foxes, go and listen to them.


Any other Flizzle Foxaaaayyyy fans here?
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Mark ov teh Pond
Yes, I've been a FF fan for sometime. Listen to a lot of folk music. I suppose you can say the majority of music from America I listen to is indie.

If you like FF you ought to check out Grizzly Bear and Local Natives. LN probably put out the best indie album last year.


Registered Member
Ahhh yes grizzly bear, I am a fan of them too.

Haven't heard of Local Natives though! will check them out fo shooooo

I'm guessing you have heard of Bon Iver? But what about Midlake? they are both my heroes, i loooooooooooove them.

And i'm seeing Band of Horses tomorrow in London!


Oh and I found this new band called Fossil Collective. They have only done an EP, but it is so so amazing. As a starting point, listen to On and On by them on youtube. It has an amazing video aswell. They sound a lot like Midlake.


Mark ov teh Pond
I've heard of Bon Iver, yes. I have not listened to the albums yet though. Funny story, BI, GB, and LN are the top three similar artists for the Fleet Foxes Last.fm.

I'll look for Midlake. I don't recall whether or not I heard them.


Registered Member
Midlake are very very very good.

And I am really falling in love with the Fossil Collective EP. You need to check it out.


Registered Member
Love Grizzly Bear and Band of Horses.
When I get a chance today, I'm going to check out FF.

Thanks for the music update, it's always nice to be able to listen to new bands!


Haters gonna hate.
I do listen to Fleet Foxes occasionally, but I actually prefer Local Natives and Bon Iver, myself. They do have great music and I do plan on getting their new album.


Registered Member
Bon iver is amazing

And just an update, Band of Horses are unbelievable live. So so good.

Well, I am very very happy that I have found some people who are in to the same stuff as me.

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