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    Hello everyone,

    Im doing an assignment on Flashbulb memory.

    Basically it is a finding that events that elicit a very strong emotional response may give rise to a vivid, "flashbulb" type memory.

    If anyone could help me, I would be much appreciated. While I have gotten stories from friends and family, I need some other stories and I thought here would be a good source.

    I need 4 personal memories that you have salient memory of.
    2 of these need to be positive experiences and the other 2 negative.

    I need a paragraph describing the memory as accurately as possible and with a lot of detail. What was thr nature of the event? where did it happen? how long ago was it. Why is this memory so important to you.

    If anyone is willing to help me, I will be much appreciated. You remain completely anonymous, I just need biographical data (age, gender, place of birth, etc).

    Thanx so much if you are willing to take the time here. You can always PM me if you dont want to post here. Thanx :D

  2. fractal

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    As far as I remember, a flashbulb memory is something that is very clearly recollected. It doesn't necessarily have to involve strong emotion. My flashbulb memories are useless little things that I remember that have no relationship to any emotion I'm aware of. Things like a certain area in school at a certain time where nothing significant happened.
  3. Windwhisperer

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    Thing is, the people who coined the term (Brown and Kulik) state that flashbulb memories not only occur under highly emotional circumstances but they are remembered for long periods of time.
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    The only true 'flashbulb memory' I think I can recollect that fits the definition is a negative one. It's not horrible or anything but it's from the day that Diana, Princess of Wales, died. She died in 1997 so I had just turned 7 years old. My brother and I came downstairs into the kitchen early in the morning and put the TV on whilst we waited for my Grandma to wake up (she was looking after us for some reason). We were both standing up at the left side of the table. The news came on and Diana was being announced dead. I remember it so well because my Grandma is a huge fan of the Royal family and me and my brother both knew she would be so upset so we left it on. She got downstairs a short while later and, surprisingly, I don't remember her reaction or what she said at all, the memory just kind of ends there. But I know that she would have been devastated.
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  5. fractal

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    I don't know what they said, but emotional flashes are only one type of flashbulb memory. Read any modern book.

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