Flash game is VERY slow :(


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I have found a new internet game that I am completely addicted to. It is at www.fantasticfourmovie.com. You select a player and then select 3 moves and you battle other people. Problem is it crawls on my machine. I have a cable modem, but it is pathetic. Sometimes my kids try to play simple flash games and they will start out fast and get slower and slower. Can I do anything to help it? Thanks.


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It might be due to faulty game coding too. In flash you can set a standard frame rate, or you can set a variable frame rate, which will be based on the machine speed. If it's the latter, then slower machines will have problems playing the games.


not a plastic bag
ahh, that's interesting - that sorta makes sense with me. Mr. Snipes, sorry I didn't reply sooner, I downgraded from a cable modem a few days after posting this and so I completely gave up on playing from home. Now, I only get to play the fantastic four game at work. bummer.